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Love Fest 2019
General News · 19th August 2019
Rex Weyler
Thank you Love Fest team:

Over eighty volunteers and 35 musicians contributed to producing Love Fest this year.

First of all, we want to thank the Linnaea community for hosting us, especially Tamara McPhail and Kirsten Vidulich for so much effort. Thank you to Adam, John, Brent and other Linnaea residents and workers for making room for Love Fest.

Thanks to Pam Kozdrowski, Patti Macaulay, Nancy Silver, Penny and Claude, Toni Smorodin, Isabelle kosterman, Niko Mense, Mike Moore, Nassau, Anastasia, Sandy Hoffman, Caz, Holly Mackay, Mateo, Ayton Novak, Samantha Statton, Linda Rose-Yelich, Pierre Bres, Donald Tennant, Heidi Hueniken, Carina Verhoeve, Christina MacWilliams, Suzanne Fletcher, Jennifer Stevens, Anna Stone, Lisa Gibbons, and Doug Weyler for help before, during, and after the event.

Thanks to Dancing Wolf and his extraordinary design team: Meinsje Vleming, Madhurima Braaten, Yvonne Kipp, Randy Shaak, Leyland, Steve Mawdsley, Bob Katzko, Sheryl Thompson, Kalyani, Hugh Barton, Kate Maddigan, Dean Yellowalk, Eric Shaak, Charles Crossland, Ron Douglas, Don Morris, Kristin Anton, Gerhardt Claude Robinson, and Joshua. Special thanks to Robert and Karen Carrington for creating the brilliant Crystal Plunge on their land next to Linnaea.

The BBQ team that fed hundreds and donated the money to Cortes Radio included Barry and Amanda Glickman, Don and Loretta Tennant, Rick Schnurr, Roy Hales, Keith Muir, Deb Magnone, Julia, Judy, Angela, Cuong Hieule, Howie Roman, Morgan Tam, Nathaniel Glickman, Francis, John Shook, Kristen Schofield-Sweet, Ann Mortifee, Paul Kirmmse, and Henry Verschuur.

Thanks to the brilliant Sound Team: Sandy Keith and Nathanial Hargrave; and to the Stage Crew: Paul Fournier, Mark Braaten, Jonah Weyler, Sadie Reed, Gord Yelich, Mateo, and Joe Grassi.

Thanks to the talented musicians and performers: Brenda Hanson, Jacqueline Matthieu, Breffni and Michel, Maggi Armitage, Mark Braaten, Hannu Huuskonen, Suzanna and Lyle, Mateo, Evemarie Brunelle, Gord Yelich, Daphne Roubini and Andrew Smith, Greg Osoba, Amy Bockner, Bryan Hayden, Aaron Ellingsen, Driven, Willow, Rob Salmanovic, Six Foot Johnson, Michael Keith, Paul Khan, Claudia Raaen, Jackie Wilde, Dave Blinzinger, Graham Villette, Brock Meades, Maya Rae, Jonah Weyler, Merlin and Cosmo Sheldrake, Erin Robinsong, and Flora.

Special thanks for the support of Gorge Harbour Marina and Doug Edwards at The Music Plant in Campbell River for generous support.

Without these generous volunteers and contributors, the annual summer Love Fest could not exist.

If for some reason we left you out, please forgive us. Double thanks. And send Rex a note so we can update this notice.

Thank you all so much, from:

Clio FM
Rick Bockner
Amy Robertson
Rex Weyler
Design team
Design team
Sandy & Nathanial, Sound team
Sandy & Nathanial, Sound team
Brenda Hansen
Brenda Hansen