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General News · 13th August 2019
Good Libations Doug
Good Libations is now taking orders for apple pressing.

Don't rush picking your apples. Having some fall off the tree does not mean they're all ripe. The best test for ripeness is to check the seeds, They should be brown, not orange or yellow. (Just check a few.) Tasting them is fine too.

Do NOT use apples off the ground unless you wash them well first (not just a spray with the hose). All sorts of bacteria are down there. Bird, and other droppings, can disappear in the rain or even the dew but the bacteria doesn't. Besides, would you want poop in your cider?

Please call us first before you start picking so we know what's coming. And then call us again when you're ready to bring them in. If you want wine or cider we can take them right away (usually) but if you want fresh juice we need to set up an appointment so you can take it away with you. The juicing goes surprisingly fast.

Don’t let the apples sit around any longer than a week or they’ll start to go soft and the pressing will be more difficult (or impossible). Keep them as cool as you can. Bring them in in stages if necessary. We have a walk-in cooler that we can put them in.



Doug, Kate & Loni.

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