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General News · 4th August 2019
Samantha Statton
In response to the "Found" article & photo in Bertha's flyer dated Aug 2nd 2019.

1st let me respond by saying to the person(s) who were on my property and took the photo of the Kiosk, you were trespassing.

2nd If you were to take the time and get yourself informed and have the facts before spouting off untruths and incorrect information, the better off we would be. You could have knocked on my door and I would have happily filled you in, but instead you chose to sneak onto my property and take the photo.

3rd The Kiosk was never LOST, most of us, except the uninformed knew where it was and why.

I was a CIBATA board member that agreed to have it on my property for safe keeping - as it didn't have a permanent home when it was not in use. I was also the one towing it to and from venues: Cortes Day, Sandcastle Day, Sea Fest and Friday Markets etc.

I was also the one taking care of it over the winter months, making sure it didn't fall into disrepair. I take great pride in that responsibility and still do.

4th Last but not least. Lets STOP this anonymity - if you truly believe in what you are saying, put your name to it and lets have a conversation.

Hiding behind anonymous only makes you a coward and gives you no credibility in the community.

Sincerely, Samantha Statton
Rest of us
Comment by Bertha on 8th August 2019
The “rest of us”. I was referring to is the readers of the Cortes Marketer who did not know where the farmer’s field was. If that includes you, you are welcome for me speaking out for you.
The rest of us ?
Comment by bill dougan on 7th August 2019
Does not exist
Who are you?
Comment by arpad on 7th August 2019
Thanks Bertha - who is this 'rest of us' you refer to? Am I part of 'the rest of us'? So nice to know I have you looking out for me and speaking on my behalf.
Comment by BERTHA on 5th August 2019
Thanks, Samantha, for clearing this up for the rest of us. But I still have one question. Why is it in your yard and not at the BC Ferry Terminals as was the original plan? Was the cost of manning it not considered when you put in for the grants and built it? I don't think too many people would trespass on your property to get tourist information.
We can chose another path
Comment by Christopher Alder on 5th August 2019
What if we don’t play the game! Obviously this anonymous person is getting some sort of high or self proclaimed righteous feeling each and every time someone says something about what they are doing! Its scratching a very deep and addictive itch they have for who knows what reasons right! Calling them out isn’t working yet people still scratch that itch for this individual and it get them off or high however one may view it. But if they go without getting any responses whatsoever they will be lacking that stupid grin on their face and will have to change tactics because lets be real they want to poke the bear! And as far as they can see they can track by name each person who’s skin they are getting underneath! So I suggest stop showing them frustration let them be frustrated we all just ignore them, their tactics and live full and happy lives because we know better and we control our emotions unlike them who need this continuous fix of making others react in various ways. I say let them drown in new tactics which will eventually expose them as their need to poke the bear will grow and grow without responses to their acts of unmindfulness. Much love to all. Be kind not only to others but to ourselves. We don’t need to choose to be offended it takes alot of energy which only hurts ourselves at the end of the day not the offender.
Thank you
Comment by Becky Knutson on 5th August 2019
Thanks, Samantha, for shedding light on this. It's a sad day when people go out of their way to cause discord and harass. Now they are stooping to the low of trespassing. The Marketer last Friday was especially disturbing.
so sorry
Comment by Mary Clare Preston on 4th August 2019
So now the anonymous person is trespassing. Nobody needs this kind of harassment. So sorry to see you subjected to this Samantha.