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Maya Rae
General News · 3rd August 2019
Rex Weyler
The Cortes Island Women's Centre is the recipient of this year's Love Fest Grant. Each year, the net proceeds from Love Fest ticket sales goes to a Cortes charity. In the past two years, the money has gone to Friends of Cortes and The Children's Forest.

This year, the proceeds from the festival will go to the Cortes Island Women's Centre, which exists to support and connect women, and women-identifying and non-binary individuals. The Centre provides a safe, non-judgmental environment, where members and visitors can share their experience, skills, and strength, as well as their compassion, wisdom, and stories.

The Centre offers free computer and internet access and long distance phone support. They provide space meeting, training, workshops, and support for starting a business and working on self improvement or education.

The Love Fest is thrilled this year to support the important work of the Women's centre, an effort that strengthens our entire community. The Love Fest - a day of music, great island food, arts, crafts, and community celebration - will be held next Saturday, August 10, at Linnaea Farm. Tickets are available at all Island stores: Cortes Market, Co-op, Gorge Marina, and Squirrel Cove.

The show this year includes: Extraordinary vocalist Maya Rae with the Jackie Wilde Jazz Band; Cosmo Sheldrake, fresh from a sold-out world tour; Willow, the great harmony singers from Quadra; brilliant guitar and tanbour player Michael Keith; Quebec vocalist Evemarie Brunelle; Ruby and Smith, and much more. Music all day, from 11 am to 8 pm.

The Cortes Island Women's Centre wants to acknowledge that it sits on the unceded territory of the Klahoose, Tla’amin, Qualicum, and Kwiakah peoples. Their work includes efforts to educate the community and provide resources that empower women and children to nurture their emotional well-being, physical safety, and financial security. Volunteers are always welcome. Here is how you can contact the Centre:

Phone: 250-935-6501
Love Fest, Saturday, August 10, Linnaea Farm
Love Fest, Saturday, August 10, Linnaea Farm
So-Called Segregation
Comment by Graham Blake on 5th August 2019
As should be obvious to anyone who spends half a moment thinking about it, even if the Cortes Women's Resource Centre isn't strictly, in and of itself, a women's shelter it has an important role to play in helping women transition out of dangerous living situations that very often involve men that live in the community. By setting some boundaries up front around who the Resource Centre is open and available to, it prevents the situation from ever arising where a women could be confronted by a dangerous man from her life within that space. Just the knowledge that such a space exists can be the critical difference that empowers a woman to reach out and accept help and receive resources she needs to move on from bad and sometimes dangerous situations. And you want to deny women this space? Because it constitutes some unacceptable segregation and an ideological Trojan Horse? Preposterous.

My understanding is that just about every other resource on Cortes, including the Public Library, is available to men. I have a feeling we're going to be alright...
Reply to Johnathan
Comment by Charles on 5th August 2019
You ask "to educate the community on?" Part of the sentence that you left out in your quote states "to educate the community ... to nurture their emotional well-being, physical safety and financial security."

Your assertion that "women are in control of ... facebook pages" is unsubstantiable. How do women on Cortes disproportionally control Facebook pages? Who controls what facebook pages? A quick scan of business listing in the phonebook does not suggest a majority of female business owners.

Wanting to achieve a power balance isn't a "power struggle narrative".

As to the "new original sin" (whatever the heck that is), you are inferring your own (mis)understanding, the CIWRS are not insinuating anything. Your interpretation that their policy implies males are a threat and therefore not welcome is just that - an interpretation. Mind you, to be fair, almost 90% of sexual assault victims are women (in the US). Nearly all of them, assaulted by men. Glossing over that, and making males the victims, is the truly "awful narrative" to give our youth. The only place on Cortes Island that males cannot access is that one room in Manson's Hall, and even that is too much for you? Marginalized people tend to identify with their marginalization, and want to have an opportunity to meet with, support and be supported by others who share their traits of identity and experience. That is not "segregation", nor is ONE room in ONE building on all of Cortes, "segregation". It seems as though your version of inclusivness [sic] means that women's centres must include men in all their activities, and by extension, other groups, such as support groups for bereaved must welcome everyone who is not bereaved and can't relate to bereavement, because, inclusivness [sic]! What about bars? Everyone's welcome? Active construction sites... everyone's welcome? Sometimes not everyone is welcome, for various valid reasons. And what does it even mean to "all work as one"? How is that possible with so many misogynists out there? If we were all "as one", we wouldn't need to work. It's a meaningless fluffy phrase without practical value.

You ask "How about a focus on helping the women in need" - that 's exactly what they are trying to do! A part of the need is to have a space for themselves. You don't get to define their needs.

There's no "trojan horsing" happening here as that clearly denotes deception. They are clear about their stance. I would rightfully expect that a women's centre would favour feminism. It's feminism that has allowed women's centres to exist and prosper in the first place! What have they done other than the statement on "feminist framework"?

Interestingly enough, you actually say that it is not needed to say it that everyone is important, but it is needed to say that men are important. Fragile masculinity, anyone? What I think would better serve everyone is not for members of any one group to hear that they are important, but for members of each group to hear that everyone else is important, and that they too are so. And I'm not seeing any shortfall of self-importance in young males being perpetrated upon them by society, except in the toxic realms of appearance, wealth and hierarchical standing.

You also state that "if you are a young adult male ... you have done nothing inherently wrong." Being male doesn't make you innocent. I have met almost no young men that haven't done some wrong to women, even if unconsciously. As a youngish adult male, I have done wrong to women. I am still working to undo a lifetime of unconscious social programming, unhealthy role models, destructive social and media influences, and pain-driven choices. But I still do things that are wrong. Being a young male doesn't absolve one of responsibility for one's words and actions.

It's the existence of attitudes such as yours (and worse) that ironically contribute to the need for women-only spaces.
Thank you from the Women's Centre
Comment by Tanya Henck on 4th August 2019
We want to thank you so much for donating the proceeds to us this year. It means a lot to get us through our first year!
Thank you
Comment by Jenn Wilson on 3rd August 2019
Wonderful news. Thank you for supporting the Women's Centre. So much care, love and important work is being done there and financial help is greatly appreciated. I wanted to acknowledge the hard work of Tanya Henck who has done a great job taking on this immense project. Your work has not gone unnoticed.