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General News · 22nd July 2019
Sandra Wood
All the old wives' tales that say, ‘Those that give – get’, are actually true.

Ordinary economics would say if you give something away, be it your energy, your financial resources or your possessions, you’ll have less.  Research* and experience tells us otherwise. We know it’s counter-intuitive, but it’s true. The more we give, of ourselves and of our resources to that which is meaningful to us, the richer we feel and actually become. Maybe not in the short term, but over time.

Luckily for the Cortes Community Housing project, this latest research is a great fit because this project needs us all to give, both of ourselves, and of our resources to ensure that Cortes Island remains home to island residents of all generations. Insuring that the young and the old are not driven away due to lack of affordable stable year round housing.

We only need to raise $275,000 this summer to put us in the best

position for BC Housing grants to build 20 new cluster units.  These will be located on Rainbow Ridge, our newly acquired 51 acres in downtown Manson’s, which is dedicated to island housing needs now and for generations to come.

If we raise more than the minimum amount needed, we can implement some great energy saving features that will reduce heating costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

Our community will be richer for this project, because we will be stronger, more diverse and sustainable now and in difficult climate times to come.

We will be richer, because as we know:

it takes a community to raise a village.

Thank you all for your help, from the Cortes Housing Committee.

* Blueprint: The Evolutionary Origins of a Good Society 

    by Nicholas A. Christakis.