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General News · 19th June 2019
Tanya Henck
On the night of Tuesday, June, 11, around 11:30pm a man driving a late model
pickup committed a vehicular assault against another driver. Prior to the incident,
the victim heard the sounds of squealing tires and loud engine revving several
hundred yards away. Several minutes later, the victim managed to avoid a collision
with the suspect who was travelling southbound at high speed on Sutil Point Road
near the intersection with Highfield Road. The suspect turned around and chased
the victim at high speed northbound on Sutil Point Road. The victim fled to a private
residence in the vicinity. The suspect followed the victim up the driveway of the
private residence and left after being confronted by the property owner. The
vehicle of the suspect was noted to smell strongly of exhaust.

The police were called to the incident and after investigating, determined they had
insufficient evidence to confirm the identity of the driver and were therefore
unable to lay charges against the suspect.

Anyone with information regarding this crime is encouraged to contact Quadra
RCMP at 250-285-3631. Of particular interest is any information regarding the
identity of the driver as well as his whereabouts on the evening in question.

Anyone travelling in this area at night, especially unaccompanied women, are
encouraged to exercise caution and inform others of their whereabouts.
Way to go Jed
Comment by Stephen Reid on 22nd June 2019
It is WAAAY overdue for men to chime in on the TABOO of our SISTERs' fight for justice. Am I wrong to suspect a man has more chance getting busted by stealing a woman's wallet than by assaulting her?
and as for the debate going on in these comments - the city thing theory, and the defending of said theory - seemed like complete malarky to me from the first reading through the second and final reading.
Comment by Jedidiah on 22nd June 2019
I read it again, still not grasping the context.

My comment included some judgements of my own that were not becoming of the person I want to be and are not ultimately helpful to the discussion, for this I apologize.

I was reacting to my perception that you suggested that whatever happened that night involving those people was primarily a city problem and that we had brought it with us. Both points which on rereading seem to be indelibly clear. If this was not your meaning please clarify.

I think claiming that gender based violence or threat of violence is their problem from over there ignores the fact that it’s actually most often a man’s problem and that it happens everywhere there are damaged men who don’t have the support of a loving community that demands and upholds their role as responsible people. It also allows one to deny that it’s an attitude problem that we all share, and that we all have to take an active role in addressing.

What’s new is that women around the world are starting to be more powerful at demanding that we all take responsibility and accountability in acknowledging women’s equality and innate right to live a life free of gender based discrimination in all its forms.

Men being threatening and dangerous to women is not new, here on Cortes or anywhere else, we are just doing a better job of saying it’s not okay, but obviously there’s still such a long way to go.
Ditto, Jedidiah
Comment by Richard Lawton on 21st June 2019
I also took your previous writings to be astute!

Please read what I wrote again and this time try to grasp what is... and isn't... the context.

Really Richard?
Comment by Jedidiah on 21st June 2019
Wow, really Richard?

I usually enjoy your rambling treatise expounding a particular version of how we should all live together, some of which, by the way, I happen agree with.

However for you to say that a, I am presuming, female victim of, let us again assume based on the publication, gender related threat of violence should take the crime back to the city where she came from is victim shaming, white male entitlement and ignorant beyond belief. Such a comment is not worthy of what until this point I had held as your high intellect and sensibilities.

Are you seriously implying that before all us Hollyhockers showed up Cortes was a utopia of peace and love and that no gender based violence, or any violence for that matter, ever occurred?

Please take your bigoted, small-minded, prejudiced opinions back to whatever corner of bush you crawled out of.

Responsible men acknowledge the fact that most women have or will at some point in their lives experience gender based violence and that practically all women have to consider the threat of gender based violence or discrimination when considering how they will move through the world every day. We also hold space for victims to find reconciliation with their trauma and we demand accountability from perpetrators.

Please hold your tongue until you can uphold your responsibilities sir.
Is so much drama and tension necessary?
Comment by Richard Lawton on 20th June 2019
Cities are full of it... crime... noise... nuisance... gender difficulties... stress... fear...

After people come to Cortes it takes years to 'unlearn' city experiences before we can relax and get in step.

And during those years, if we are too eager to "improve" Cortes, we can do a lot of damage.

None of this baggage existed on Cortes.

You are bringing it with you!