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General News · 13th June 2019
Stasia Wells
Wow! Cortes Island Volunteer Firefighters responded to a horrendous blazing fire on Cortes Bay yesterday. HUGE thanks goes out to all firefighters, ambulance crew and any volunteering citizens of Cortes Island helping to extinguished this blaze. This crew was outstanding and worked so hard together from 5 am till dawn with little breaks.
Thank goodness this did not happen today’s windy day would be ever more challenging.

Grateful neighbour on Manzanita Road
Wow! Thank you!
Comment by Becky Knutson on 14th June 2019
That's a huge fire! We SO fortunate to have such a great, dedicated fire dept.!

Do you know how it started? Personally, I think ALL fires should be prohibited now. Also any logging or anything else that could throw a spark.
So much appreciation
Comment by Romina on 14th June 2019
Wow, thank you so much, real community heroes that all of us are so grateful for! I had no idea that was happening. It's going to be a hot dry summer and all Cortesians need to be on our toes over this.
Comment by Valerie on 14th June 2019
i am so much more comforted about the coming hot and dry season now that our super hero's are on the job.

valerie robinson
senior cottages
Way to go
Comment by Stephen Reid on 13th June 2019
Under tragic circumstances, WAY TO GO Cortes Island firefighters in action!

Thank you for making our island safer!