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General News · 13th June 2019
Gabriel Dinim
Billions of people on our planet yearn for uncorrupted democracy and thousands all over the world die daily for the lack of it or in the fight for it.

We just honoured the sacrifice of the citizens of this nation who died and those who were scarred for life to preserve our democracy.

And here we have 14 individuals who try to unseat a democratically elected representative without any evidence to justify their action.

That is simply contemptible.

I hope that one or two of them will have the decency to be embarrassed,.

However, there are so many layers to this sorry cake, that it is an interesting exercise to take it apart.

There is the layer where one can take a democratically elected representative to court with no evidence, simply as part of a political strategy to circumvent the electoral process and derail for months the effective administration of an electoral area.

Then there is, familiarity breeds contempt, where enjoying the benefits of democracy and just shedding words for it, will eventually lead to a lack of understanding and respect for the act and power of democracy.

The malice layer, the wilful disregard of another person's dignity by putting forth baseless accusations.

And the equanimity layer where the ripples through the community actuate humiliation, anxiety, paranoia, distrust, indignation, righteousness anger self reflection.

Then there is this juicy layer, how do 14 mostly respectable, mostly intelligent, mostly competent professional individuals participate in such a half baked, cockamamie idea without checking the publicly available records first.

It would obviously have been cheaper for them to hire the private detective, if they did not want to do the fact checking work; then they would have been heroes, had there been evidence of corruption, rather than just disruptive malcontents.

So how? Are they so spiteful that they could easily be suckered in by some charismatic arrogant ideological thinker who blinded them with the power and rightness of unfounded certainties.

They themselves admit to being manipulated from behind the shadows of a glass of red wine.

Had it not been so disruptive, it would make an entertaining farce.

The 14 have made the legal concession, but not the moral one, so how about an apology to Noba and the community?
Well expressed Papa
Comment by Niomi Starspires on 5th July 2019
You always were good at disecting and expressing complex matters in a simple for.
Thank you for putting words to what many in the community have obviously been feeling.
Well expressed!
in response
Comment by Gabriel DInim on 14th June 2019
I have raised 9 children to apologize to the persons they slight and to offer redress when the slight was malicious.

I have not heard anyone yet have the decency to express regret at the pain and confusion they created.

Just denial at the impact and a hasty burial allows further shenanigans from people whose only regret is that they did not win.

The negativity has not stopped in the people who brought the suit forward and their supporters.

To gloss over what they did under the guise of stopping negativity is giving them a free pass and moral support.
Thank you, Gabriel
Comment by Becky Knutson on 14th June 2019
I've been thinking about this a lot this past couple of days. Trying to sort out my feelings. Right now I have to say that first, I am very glad this turned out well for Noba and she has shown she is above this, hard to know what to call it, trial. She wants to move forward and I do, as well. However, what I am feeling right now is angry. I am angry that a small group of people decided it would be a good idea to traumatize our community when they knew full well it was nothing more than a charade! Whoever "put them up to this" as their attorney said, should have some liability here, as well and the petitioners need to apologize to this community IMO. There has been a huge amount of time and effort put in by many people to support Noba, many Cortes initiatives delayed, and I think we still don't have an APC approved. I'd really like to feel we are past this but I believe there is some reconciliation that needs to occur. The people responsible for these outrageous shenanigans need to make it right. For our sake and theirs so we can once again function as a community.
But Santa Claus did come to Cortes...
Comment by Myrna Kerr on 14th June 2019
Santa Claus did arrive on Cortes this week and left a well deserved present for Noba. And he left pieces of coal to a group we know the names of and probably another dozen or so pieces of coal to those who hide in the trees and just throw rocks at the Cortes community.

Thank you for speaking out Gabriel!