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Isand Carshare Co-op AGM
General News · 14th June 2019
sonya friesen
We are exploring the potential viability of a Co-op Community Car ( electric ), which stays ON Island , priority purposed for scheduled Carpool rides between Mansons and Whaletown ferry terminal ( via Squirrel Cove.) Car would be available at other times of day for individual member bookings potential one way and two way carsharing with return to charge hub locations at main centres.

An exception to ON island priority could be a once a week scheduled OFF island Campbell River carpool run to fill the need for health appointments, etc. On island, the Community Car would also be used by member hall societies etc. offering safe rides home from community events etc.

The carpool trips, would be scheduled runs with volunteer driver collecting shared costs of booking. Drivers would be co-op full driving member s (all driving members must have full safe ICBC driving, and if community felt more comfortable could require class 4. Carpool drivers who are also commuters heading in same direction would receive a reduced rate for driving or reduced km fees for personal bookings of EV.

Member drivers who choose to rideshare ( short notice rides, non-profit shared costs) at other times of day could post these real time ride offers on a rideshare site or cortes tideline etc.

In the past we have explored the option of a 9 passenger van, but if we choose electric the cost is prohibitive. Also a 5 passenger electric car is more appealing for individual member’s use while still enough room for accommodating anticipated average ridership of a scheduled carpool. Ideally a community bus may one day be a Cortes reality, but until that time could we provide something beyond hitching that will also compliment and promote ridership of a future bus service.

Who are we ? Island CarShare Cooperative, is a (non-profit) community service co-op incorporated in March 2013 to serve Cortes Island, B.C. The vision of the ICC is to encourage transportation sharing by fostering shared ownership of cars, vans, trucks & bicycles. The main purpose of the co-op is to reduce the number of cars on the road and ferry resulting in reduced GHG emissions as well as reducing the negative economic (i.e. owning, maintaining) and environmental (i.e. air pollution, resource/energy consumption, traffic congestion and inefficient land use) impacts of personal transportation.

Most importantly, Carsharing offers young people an environmentally and economically positive alternative to personal automobile ownership, a bad habit our generation continues to demonstrate once you start its hard to stop. ( note new drivers accepted as full members even without full safe icbc record with sponsorship from another member )

Check out whats possible see link to kootenay carshare imagine a Cortes, Quadra, Read Island, Campbellriver version,

Come join the discussion tell us your pros, cons of this proposal. We got nothin without more members ! Membership $50 , if vehicle becomes real , additional $450 to become full driving member. Full refund on shares with 6 months prior notice. More information will be posted soon . Everyone Welcome.
Contact email or ph or Sonya Friesen 250-935-6954
more info.
Comment by sonya friesen on 14th June 2019
How can we move forward on potential of carpooling with a carshare EV ? We need 5 more inspired individuals to join co-op and work on exploring this further and willing to stand for election as directors. Membership $50

Please send an email to islandcarshare,,, if you are interested and we can email more info on rough estimates of potential operational costs and potential EV purchase funds.