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General News · 2nd June 2019
SRD - Barb
Proposed Cortes Island Hall Service
Public Consultation Meeting
6:00 p.m. June 6, 2019
Mansons Hall, Mansons Landing BC (983 Beasley Rd)

1. Proposed Cortes Island Hall Service Presentation
1.1 SRD Director/Staff Introductions
1.2 History of Proposed Service Bylaw No. 341 to Date
1.3 Service Details
1.4 Service Area Boundary
1.5 Service Budget Estimates
1.6 Taxation Options
1.6.1 Assessment
1.6.2 Parcel Tax
1.7 Proposed Service Establishment Bylaw No. 341 Timeline
➢ June 6, 2019: Public Consultation (2019)
➢ June 27, 2019: Bylaw No. 341 to SRD Board for 3rd Reading
➢ July 2019: Bylaw No. 341 to Province for Approval
➢ Late August 2019: Approved Bylaw No. 341 Received by SRD
➢ October 2019: Assent Voting
1.8 Voting Details
2. Public Comment/Question Period
Tail Wagging the Dog Again?
Comment by Richard Lawton on 5th June 2019
Is this REALLY a public meeting to get community input?

Or a long, boring presentation to impose your vision on us, followed by a bit of an opportunity to comment, sort of?

The SRD hasn't got used to the idea that WE are the community. This is for our benefit, and ultimately you are there to do our bidding, not the other way around...!

The LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT was created to take control away from urban centres and give it to local people who understand local issues!