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General News · 4th June 2019
FOCI - Helen
The humpbacks have returned, with new sightings around Cortes in the last few days!

We are very privileged to have them here and can also help with their protection and conservation.

If you see a humpback please report your sightings to the following organizations to assist with important Humpback research that is being undertaken.

1. E-mail ALL SIGHTINGS WITH PHOTOS of humpback whale dorsal fins and tail fluke undersides to Marine Education and Research Society (MERS) at along with date, time, location (ideally w/ GPS coordinates) and photographer's name.

2. Sightings with and without photos may be made online to the BC Cetacean Sightings Network at with date, time, location (ideally with GPS coordinates) and observer's name. This site will also link you to the BC Cetacean Sightings app. for both iphone and android.

If you are out on the water please learn how to be a safe and responsible in their presence. New marine mammal regulations and best practices are available at Give all whales, dolphins and porpoises a minimum of 200m space. When you see a blow…go slow, to avoid collision.

It is also now mandatory to report all incidents of collision and entanglement to DFO at
1 800 465 4336. New informational signage for boaters is now up on all of our local docks.

Thank you for helping ensure these gentle giants stay safe in our waters.