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General News · 31st May 2019
Chris Johnson
I need a vocation; something that involves working as a team with others towards a crucial common goal. Something that feels worthy of being alive for. Something of crucial and immediate need to humanity and the planet. Something that can only be accomplished by people supporting each other, caring about each other, becoming close to one another. Something with a built in understanding that we need this thing we're a part of in order to feel like we have a reason to endure the bull$%# and horror of this world, like a church congregation. Something worth waking up for in the morning. Something that consumes a good portion of my waking energy, in a way that challenges me and fufills me and allows me to feel useful and positive. Something more than just a job or a hobby or a distraction. Something worth living for. Something that needs me as much as I need it.
I'm a Star Trek fan, and one thing I appreciate about the show is that the characters are part of that kind of crew. They have a guiding sense of principles that include lifting each other up, caring for one another, supporting each other to be their best possible selves, allowing each other to contribute in the most powerful and meaningful way to their shared mission. There is huge sense of pride in their organization and it's mission, backed by a deep commitment to represent the best intentions and actions of humanity. Each day brings the possibility of being able to feel a strong sense of purpose and accomplishment, or belonging and meaning, of being on the right side of history, of creating something that the world needs, something of the highest possible good.
I don't imagine at all that my life should be about just producing and consuming, of building material wealth for myself or others, nor of a desperate pursuit of pleasure or distraction.
Many of us suffer from a painful awareness of the horrors and brutality that humanity has unleashed on the world. We watch in horror, perhaps feeling complicit, whether through our actions or lack thereof. If provokes in us strong emotions that we don't know how to properly direct, and perhaps we drown them in distraction. Perhaps we're told our thoughts and feelings are simply a chemical reaction, and that with medical help we can once again (if we ever did in the first place) feel happy and comfortable in the world again. But we know, despite mental illness being a real thing, that we shouldn't have all the blame placed on us for being depressed and anxious and feeling empty with life. We know it's more than that. We know we need more than just pills and therapies. We need a purpose. We need each other. We need a foundation and structure to our lives that bring us that sense of stability and strength. Some people already have found that, in their families, their jobs, their religion or spirituality, or their social communities. I've yet to find it though, not on the scale that I require. I know I'm not the only one.
If you know of something like that here, please let me know (because I really love it here and wouldn't want to go somewhere else for it.) If something like that doesn't exist here, and you agree with me that it needs to, then let's talk about creating it.
Green New Deal Town-hall
Comment by Ashley on 2nd June 2019
You should come out to the town-hall on June 14th. Together we are capable of doing epic things, but only when we work together.

Our generation (in the west, at least) has simultaneously been stripped of traditional forms of meaning, such as religion, while being cursed with an imminent, existential threat: climate change. I think that lack of purpose many people feel might be part of the reason there has been such inaction on the issue of the climate crisis, but really it should be seen for what it really is: an opportunity to come together and take heroic actions on behalf of future generations.
Im interested in conversing with you.
Comment by Christopher Alder on 2nd June 2019
Hello Chris,

I am interested to know more behind your post here about creating purpose and would like to meet up with you or anyone for that matter and lets discuss these emotions and maybe gain some insight from objective conversation and see what good things can possibly come from such a gathering of energies.
Feel free to email me if you like.

Warm regards,
you're not alone.
Comment by Max Thaysen on 1st June 2019
many of us feel that way. Lets do something. Climate change?