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General News · 24th May 2019
If you are having problems posting or editing an ad, please make sure your browser is up to date and empty your cache (Option Command E on a Mac). If that doesn't work; reboot your computer. Still not luck: try with a different browser. We went from http to https, so if your computer remembers the old URL and wants to post something it won't work.

You can download Chrome HERE

Or Firefox HERE

Don't see the classifieds? If you have an adblocker installed, you need to whitelist us.

Safari Empty Cache without shortcut:

If you don't see the "Develop" choice in your Safari Menu bar, go to Safari menu in the upper left corner, choose Preferences > Advanced > “Show Develop menu in menu bar”, then close out of Preferences. Enabling the Develop menu in Safari allows users to clear and empty caches manually on the Mac. Back at any Safari browser window, pull down the “Develop” menu and choose “Empty Caches” .
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Comment by Bertha Jeffery on 18th May 2019
Thanks Ester. I was wondering why I was not getting the classified.
Thank you
Comment by Odette on 17th May 2019
Ester !
Or Firefox... or...
Comment by Ester on 17th May 2019
Any other browser that works. I have directed people to Chrome and they can add and edit. I don't use Firefox regularly, but it works too. I added the link to the article.
Comment by daniel on 17th May 2019
Why introduce google's product - why not firefox? Google get enough of peoples data as it is? My safari is uptown date and I have been unable to post an add. It worked before? Thanks