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General News · 5th May 2019
Gabriel Dinim
When I open the Tideline, I am always delighted by the creativity, the positivism and the engagement of Cortesians in their well being and that of others. The Tideline home page exhales the oxygen of a community fuelled by the desire to create to offer and to serve.

When I open my mailbox, and I do have to open it, there is the Marketer with that anonymous, malicious little cartoon that offers nothing but a glimpse into a vindictive and obsessive mind bent on suspicion and exuding this slow drip poison

I am offended by this kind of snide anonymous caricature that has been used throughout history to isolate and demean one group or another, lines of ink that contribute nothing but support for one injustice or another against one name or another.

Freedom of speech is never an excuse to offer a repeat platform for this type of anonymous maliciousness, unless the platform is of the same ilk.
Whomever pens those stupid little drawings, is absolutely welcome to stick them on a board at the end of their driveway for the community to peruse.
We then have the choice to stop, read them and feel indifferent weird or inspired.

But when I open my mail box to find this pollution, I feel in a time warp, back to ages of hateful caricatures nailed to barn doors and windows of looted stores.

I believe that the majority of islanders find these caricatures offensive, I hope the artiist quickly gets the message.
I agree
Comment by Barry Glickman on 25th May 2019
It seems that these horrible insights into some of our co-islanders will not go away. We have the message and I find it demeaning. Let's start by avoiding anonymous comments. We should be able to do better.
Good idea lovena
Comment by Ashley Zarbatany on 9th May 2019
Maybe if we all refused the marketer someone would get the message.
Anonymously Speaking
Comment by Bill Dougan on 7th May 2019
Anonymous writings are the words of cowards, nothing more nothing less.
I agree...
Comment by ruth on 7th May 2019
yes, it makes me so sad to see this level of bizarre vindictiveness being sent to all the mailboxes on
Cortes, good idea to refuse the delivery of such a negative, anonymous missive.
Refuse Marketer to your Mailbox
Comment by Lovena on 6th May 2019
The solution is simple, those offended by the childish, demeaning and offensive cartoons can request that the Marketer not be delivered to their mailbox.
That's what I have done.
What a relief to not have to view anonymous slanderous postings in writing or in caricature.
We are a microcosm of the whole here on Cortes. By standing up against bullies, who try to intimidate with unkindness, we are making the world a more just place, one action at a time.