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General News · 5th May 2019
Roy L Hales
I have two responses to the item about the Quadra Community Shuttle Bus in the May 3 edition of the Cortes Marketer.

Firstly: much as I like the sound of a shuttle bus, I wonder about the cost involved and whether enough people would use it to make the project worthwhile. So at the moment, I’m skeptical.

But I am more concerned about the malicious manner this proposal is being attacked. The author presents two quotes: Director Anderson’s general description of the shuttle bus project, and a snippet from the Discovery Island Chamber of Commerce (DICC) meeting pertaining to logistics (funding, the need to identify two from Quadra to work with Cortes residents on this project etc). We appear to be dealing with two totally different topics. Is there more? Having failed to make his/her point, the author proceeds to make a number of uncalled for snide remarks: “Another of Noba’s untruths”; “Can we say, a Tax Dollar Grab?”

Director Anderson presented the project to the DICC.

The poster writes, “Speaking to attendees, there was little support.”

Which attendees: Her/his friend(s)? Members of the DICC? How many people did the author actually speak with? Was he/she there?

Director Anderson, who was there, reports “We received thumbs up around the table.”

Why should we believe the anonymous poster’s account?

The only one taking any responsibility for the anonymous post is the Cortes Marketer, whose editor chose to publish
We all subsidize private cars
Comment by Oliver Kellhammer on 10th May 2019
Though a cross-Quadra shuttle might not happen until the ice caps have completely melted, given the nay-saying, foot-dragging and climate change denialism that has gone on for so long, the oft repeated argument that it will 'cost too much' is completely spurious. Private cars cost too much and we all pay for that whether we drive them or not. Private vehicles are heavily subsidized by the taxpayer, so next time you are hitching and someone whizzes by you on the way to the ferry, know that you are subsidizing them heavily through multiple levels of taxation. Though the benefits of cars on public roads are mostly private, the costs are both private and social. Our subsidy of private cars deteriorates the environment and sucks up resources that could be used to pay for functional transit even in rural areas. Private cars freeload off everyone and it is high time that we provide alternatives. How about a toll on the inland island highway to pay for rural transit? I can hear the howls of protest now! Owners of private vehicles will fight hard to keep freeloading but people who want not to drive and the environment will continue to suffer.
Comment by Paul Ryan on 7th May 2019
Let me see if I can help you out Roy! The piece on the left is an excerpt from Noba's article in the Tideline, in which she states that there were "thumbs up" around the table when she presented this proposal to The Quadra Chamber of Commerce. The piece on the right is an excerpt from the minutes of that meeting, showing the disparity between the two!
I might add that I had a conversation with the chair of the Chamber Board. His take was that there was not a lot of support for the proposal!