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General News · 28th April 2019
Noba Anderson
Hello Cortes

A great gratitude to those of you who have been attending Regional District Board meetings in the last few months and to others who are paying closer attention to the workings of your local government. It matters and is greatly appreciated. Here are a few matters of recent business that may be of particular interest to Cortes residents.

Quadra Community Shuttle Bus
One of my election commitments was to work on alternative transportation options, most acutely toward the establishment of a cross-Quadra shuttle bus. We have a commitment from both BC Ferries and the Ministry of Transportation to engage in looking at options, although the progress there is slow. Members of the Cortes Transportation Committee, including myself, attend a Community Bus forum a few weeks back on Gabriola, another island with a successful community bus (GERTIE) started with volunteer drivers and now stably funded. Find more here At this forum, we established the BC Community Bus Coalition with aspirations of supporting other community buses as well as working toward Provincial policy and funding changes to better support rural, community run buses. At that forum we met a grad student, Ericka Amador, in the department of Community Planning, who has since chosen to focus her studies on the viability of a Quadra & Cortes Island Community Bus! This has brought us great focus and motivation to activate. We met last week with the Discovery Island Chamber of Commerce to share the cross Quadra shuttle proposal and solicit involvement. We received thumbs up around the table and will soon begin engagement on Quadra in conjunction with the grad student and the Strathcona Community Health Network.

The following is an excerpt from Ericka’s grad thesis proposal summary.

Though there are many metrics available on conventional transit, few exist for community buses. This study aims to create clearly defined indicators of success for island community bus schemes. To determine whether a community bus might be the solution to the lack of transportation options on both Quadra and Cortes Islands, this study will apply the indicators of success derived from community buses on the Southern Gulf Islands to the conditions on Quadra and Cortes Islands... If it is determined that Quadra and Cortes Islands could potentially meet the indicators of success, a recommendation for next steps in the implementation of a community bus scheme will be made. If it is determined that these islands cannot meet the indicators and would not be able to support a community bus, a recommendation for alternative options will be made instead.

SRD Finally Supports a GIA to Klahoose
I am delighted to say that last week the Regional District Board supported in full Klahoose’s first Grant-In-Aid funding request during my time in office. The $5,000 contributed by the SRD will be matched by the Klahoose First Nation in support of a project to accessibly catalogue sites within their traditional territory where cultural artefacts and ancestral remains have been removed. For more information on the application please visit and for a full report on the SRD Board’s deliberation on the funding request read and listen here

Cortes Community Health Data Profile
Much effort is bearing sweet fruit at the Strathcona Community Heath Network. Take a look! It has been a delight to be part of the formation of this network and an honour to serve as co-chair for the first three years of its formal existence. I recently stepped down to make way for new leadership and to bring my focus back to the Cortes aspects of the network’s work, most acutely transportation advocacy. Of particular interest to Cortes is our recent release of Community Data Profiles. The Cortes profile is attached to this article and they can all be found here I trust that this community data gathered into one accessible place will help us in accessing future resources and funding in support of community priorities. The Network recently presented to the SRD Board an overview of some of their recent work. That presentation can be found here

On March 13th, I brought forward to the Strathcona Regional District Board, a Cortes Advisory Planning Commission appointment recommendation that did not include anyone formally on either side of the current legal situation. For more see The Board sent the matter into closed session and there it has stayed for the past 4 meetings, with nothing yet to report.... This is beyond my comprehension...

Home Away From Home
The SRD contributed funds last year toward a business case for a Home Away From Home project to be built on the grounds of the Campbell River Hospital. The SRD recently received an update presentation from the Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island about this two pronged project which includes both a home for families who children are receiving medical care (including a supported residential space for expectant mothers from rural and remote communities) and a hostel-like space for out of town hospital patients. Their presentation can be found here

May your attention increasingly turn to the beautiful things in your life.

Warmly, Noba Anderson
Director from Cortes to the Strathcona Regional District, 250-935-0320

I hear Victora is going to make transit free.
Comment by mike m on 2nd May 2019
Trying to get people out of cars.
community bus or ride share
Comment by Heather smith on 30th April 2019
A community bus between Heriot Bay and Quathiaski Cove would only make sense for us if there was a shuttle bus on Cortes. Perhaps some sort of bus could do the first 2 ferries towards Cortes and the last 2 ferries home to save money. Maybe more in the summer? We do not all have cars or know people willing to drive us. What if nobody responds to your ride request on the tideline? What if you try hitchhiking and miss the ferry? A shuttle bus would not be financially feasible given the population . So, the other and better community option is more ridesharing. Some sort to system to connect people with room in vehicles. Signs on dashboards or reaching out to people who are definitely foot passengers and have that look of dread in their eyes.
Post rides available here on the rideshare section.