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General News · 25th April 2019
The WCC will be holding a GM on Sunday, 28 at 7pm at the Gorge Hall.

At the November 17 (2018) General Meeting, some proposed changes to the WCC Constitution and Bylaws were presented to the membership for consideration. We have now had several months to consider those
changes (which met with general approval at that meeting).

At our next general meeting on April 28th 2019, the agenda will include a series of
votes on the approval or rejection of the changes.

In accordance with BC Societies Act and good practise, the Board would like to (re)acquaint everyone with the proposed alterations to our founding documents that will appear on the April 28th agenda:

1: The Definition of Family:
Original Language: A Family shall mean husband and wife, parent or parents and dependent children who are not over the age of sixteen years or who are attending school.

There was general support for updating this somewhat antiquated definition with the following more inclusive language:

A "family" for purposes of WCC membership shall mean adult persons cohabiting in domestic partnership, plus any dependents sharing their home.

2: The Annual General Meeting:
Original Language: The Regular February Meeting shall be the Annual Meeting.

Rather than stating that the regular February General Meeting be the AGM, the membership supported replacing this text with the following:

The Annual General Meeting will take place in April at a date set by the Board.

(Especially after the hard freeze and snowfall this winter, it seemed better to hold our AGM when the weather is kinder and the parking lot less likelyto be icy)

3: The Frequency of General Meetings:
Original Language: Regular General Meetings shall be held monthly or as determined by the membership.

The membership, after some discussion, converged on this new language:

Regular General Meetings (not including the Annual General Meeting) shall be held four times yearly, or as determined by the membership.

4: Posting Notices for Meetings:
Original Language: Meetings shall be called by the postings of a notice on the notice board at the Whaletown Trading Post and by such other
means as may be convenient.

Proposed new language which met with approval on Nov 17th:

Meetings shall be called by posting both electronic and physical notices; electronic postings shall take place on bulletin boards or web sites commonly read by Whaletown residents, and physical notices shall be posted at locations commonly visited by Whaletown residents.

5: Expulsion of a Member:
Original Language: … to expel a member a three-fourths majority vote of the members who are entitled to vote, present in person or by proxy, shall be necessary at a Special Meeting called to deal with the matter.

After some discussion the membership agreed that proxy votes were not appropriate in a matter as serious as expulsion of a member, and that the phrase “or by proxy” should be cut from this sentence, so the new language
would read:

. . . to expel a member a three fourths majority vote of the members who are entitled to vote, present in person, shall be necessary at a Special Meeting called to deal with the matter.

6: Restrictions on Using Club Assets as Collateral:

The proposal is to add one new sentence to the Bylaws, which would appear as item 8-g (Finances section):

No assets of the WCC shall be used as collateral or security for the purpose of securing a loan.

Please mark your calendar and attend our April General Meeting so that you can
cast your vote regarding this updating of our Constitution and Bylaws.