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Burkhart-Thorne Family
General News · 18th April 2019
CCHA Family Support - Desta
Thank-you to the Cortes Community for all the love and support shown to Broderick's family over these past few weeks. The Burkhart-Thorne family is deeply grateful to all the many hands and hearts who have shown their care since Broderick's passing. His mother Misty said, "We are floating on love we didn't know existed.

Broderick was the light in our home. He was always talking about thing and thing and nothing. He loved learning and studying nature, always telling us about the things he had learned. With his absence, our home is quiet and dark just as if someone has turned off the switch. Lucian has lost his best friend and room mate. Willow has lost her caring older brother that always knew when she was too tired to do her evening dishes and always ready to lead her in a game of make believe. Segan has lost his reading buddy. James has lost the one person that stuck by his side no matter what. Broderick was always trying to make people happy and to make things easier for them even when it was not wanted because that’s just the way he is.......was. We miss him sooo very very much."

During his short life, Broderick brought many people together and and his passing was no different. There has been so much love and care shown over these past weeks, humble apologies if I have missed any of the many Cortes Islanders who have provided a meal, a key lime pie, a song, a place to stay, a donation, a poem, a pile of perogies, or some other offering of love made visible.

Thank you to Abi, Alexis, Andrew, Andy, Anne, Ashe, Ayami, Aynsley, Becky, Becky, Ben, Beth, Bill, Bruce, Carie, Carly, Catriona, Chris, Colin, Colleen, Connie, Cora, Cortes Fire Department, Cortes Paramedics, Dan, Dancing Wolf, Darryl, Darshan, Dave, Dayna, Deppyka, Doone, Elijah, Elke, Ella, Erica, Eva, Fawn, Fred, Gary, Gillian, Hannu, Hayley, Heather, Heidi, Henry, Howie, Ilo, Janice, Jason, Jen, Jenny, Jeramie, Jeremy, Jess, Jessi, Jo, Joanne, Jodie, John, Jolene, Josh, Juli, Julia, Kahlil, Katie, Kimberly, Kirsten, Keith, Laura, Laura, Laurel, Laverne, Layne, Lella, Linda, Lisa, Lovena, Lucy, Maggie, Makowie, Manda, Margaret, Marianne, Mark, Mark, Marthe, Mary, Maureen, Meg, Melissa, Mercedes, Michael, Michael, Morgan, Namchi, Odette, Patricia, Paulina, Rebeka, Richard, Ron, Sandy, Sarita, Scotty, Sheryl, Silvia, Steve, Su, Sue, Tammy, Theresa, Travis, Tyler, WCC, Xavier, Yulia, Zoe and everyone who attended the magnificent celebration of Broderick's life on Monday.

If you've been meaning to sign up to take the family a meal, there are a few days available next week before the meal train finishes up at the end of April. Sign up to bring them a meal here.

You can also help support the family with a financial contribution as they mourn their loss while continuing to raise four children and finish building their modest home. Make your gift here.

Thank you Cortes Community!
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Comment by ashe on 20th April 2019
Desta's name! You have been right there from the beginning. Thanks for pulling the community together and supporting. xoxo