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Jackie, Dave, Brock, Graham
General News · 14th April 2019
Rex Weyler
Naomi Hayter's response to Jazz Night at the Gorge Hall, a rich musical experience with Jackie Wilde, piano; Dave Blinzinger, saxophone; Brock Meades, bass; Graham Villette, drums; and Jonah Weyler, Ashiko hand drums.

As an artist

As an artist who does her craft in the solitude of her studio, I make my magic and then I offer it to the public. It is a private affair with my muses .

Last evening at the Gorge Hall I had the honour of witnessing musicians deeply involved with their craft, and at the same time I received the product, two gifts given on the stage by each artist. I was privy to creativity, collaboration, and expertise. There were moments when I felt I was a voyeur and the recipient of the talent of each musician. Double the satisfaction as an audience member.

In Disneyland the wildest rides are bought with what is called an E-Coupon. Last evening I went on an E-coupon ride. I thought I knew where I was going, when all of a sudden the musicians would take me into unknown territory, sometimes chaos would ensue and it made me laugh wildly and then they would return me to where we began and I would smile knowingly because I remembered the starting point. Fearlessness: That is what I experienced, young men each one loving their instrument, exploring their edges, and collaborating with each other with such respect. I do not know much about jazz but I do recognize passion and creativity and I felt jazzed up after tonight's experience. I was going to say “show," but it was an intimate affair between an audience and the musicians. Afterwards, I wanted to go and listen to Beat Generation poets, smoke cigarettes until dawn, and then get in my car and turn up the music real loud. What a trip!

Naomi Hayter

Dave, Brock, Jonah, Graham
Dave, Brock, Jonah, Graham
musicians at Gorge Hall
Comment by Catharine Bushe on 16th April 2019
This group was THE BEST I have seen/heard in quite a long time ! Bravo to you all and a million thanks for a fabulous evening !