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General News · 10th April 2019
De Clarke
If you are interested in electric vehicles? As of last year industry-watchers noted that more electric vehicles (EVs) were sold across Canada in 2018 than the previous three years, combined. In late 2018, EV sales passed 8% of total light vehicle sales. The sales curve seems to be heading skyward - starting to look like a trend.

But there are still not that many ZEV cars on the road, and many people have read about them but never seen one. Would you like to know more?

The EV phenomenon has even reached Cortes: there are more EVs on the island than you might expect, both four-wheeled and two-wheeled.

At this week's Friday market April 12th, some local EV owners are planning to bring their cars (and bikes, we hope!) and hang out in the parking lot from noon to 1pm to answer your questions... and possibly offer demo rides!

NOTE: If the weather turns wet on Friday, this event is cancelled - it's not much fun standing around in the rain. So far (fingers crossed) it looks cloudy but dry.

If you're planning to go to the Market, and/or you're interested in EVs, look for us in the parking lot. There should be at least one each of Tesla, Leaf, and Bolt, and maybe a plug-in Prius as well. Hoping to see some e-bikes as well, so if you have one please bring it!

If there's sufficient interest, this could become a recurring event or even an EV club.
Many thanks to attendees...
Comment by De Clarke on 12th April 2019
... both those who brought vehicles to show, and those who dropped by to look, touch, and ask questions.

We saw one Leaf, one Tesla, one Bolt, and one plug-in Prius (car). Also present were three excellent e-bikes: a BionX (installed on conventional bike), a TEO Fatbike, and a very nice purpose-built LWB cargo bike (I have to check my photos to remember the brand). Big thanks to those who allowed everyone to have a close look at their various rides!

Some folks took a test ride, some just looked, some stayed for long conversations. The weather was perfect and it was a very enjoyable afternoon (we were there far longer than one hour!). It seems there is enough interest that it might be worth doing this again sometime. So thanks, everyone, for participating in the very first Cortes Island EVent.
Thanks De!
Comment by Gypsy Mama on 12th April 2019
Great idea, glad to see what's available for the road these days,,, and how wonderful that it's supposed to be dry and sunny. See you there.