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General News · 1st March 2019
Hubert Havelaar/Howie Roman
More than 30 Cortes Island constituents packed the public gallery at the SRD Board meeting on Thursday afternoon. The delegation, which overflowed the board room into the adjoining Hall witnessed two submissions addressed to the assembled Regional District Directors. While a list of 320 supporters name was projected on a screen beside them, Christine and Cec Robinson did a masterful job of presenting the detailed concerns of Area B residents and land owners about the recent allegations and legal proceedings confronting Director Noba Anderson. Those proceedings to be heard by the B.B. Supreme Court, have resulted in a serious disruption of governance for Cortes Island, and the presenters made it abundantly clear to the board that an overwhelming majority of Cortes community members resents and protests this affront to democracy and the stalling of pending legislation.

In a second submission, Julian Ayers SCCA president, made a heartfelt and succinct case for expediting the hall funding referendum which was tabled at the January 28th SRD meeting as a result of the legal action against our director. He presented a well-documented explanation of the economic impact on the SCCA and the subsequent curtailment of many activities and services at the Mansons Hall as a direct result of the political interference from a relatively small group of Cortes anti-taxers.

Combined, the Cortes Island delegation submissions essentially requested:
1- That the SRD board move forward expeditiously to hold the long awaited binding referendum on community hall funding.
2- That The SRD commit to indemnification of Director Anderson’s full legal costs as incurred.
3- The immediate approval of Director Anderson’s APC appointments
4- A termination of secret off-record lobbying.
5- Clarification of board policies and procedures with respect to transparency and vetting of delegations.
6- A public disclosure of the conclusion of Craig Peterson’s report.

It felt like some of the directors are beginning to hear the majority of Cortes residents. The next SRD meeting is March 13, 2019 , 12:30pm at pm #301 – 990 Cedar St. CR. Please come out for this as well as writing letters.
less than half is not the majority
Comment by Shirley on 3rd March 2019
Please note that 320 signature is not 'an overwhelming majority' it is maybe close to 50% of the adult population, which means it actually is not a majority opinion. It seems that these issues have split the island population right down the middle.
Thank you
Comment by Ashley on 2nd March 2019
Big thank you to the presenters who raised our concerns to the srd in such a succinct and well presented way! It was great to see so many folks at the meeting and I know a lot of people who wished they could have been there too.
Thank you for clarifying!
Comment by Heather Bruce on 2nd March 2019
Those of us unable to squeak a vote on any of this, are still very much interested and concerned about how this recent upheaval is affecting the Spirit of Cortes. It makes perfect sense to us that the same people that donate their time to do the work of the Island would also be people involved in fund-raising for their respective causes and would also be the kind of people that would donate to a good cause no matter what the political leanings are. I have been saddened to see how venomous this has become and shocked that it has ground the workings of Cortes Island's governance to a halt. Hopefully this will soon be rectified.