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General News · 18th February 2019
Amanda Glickman
It's a few weeks since the petition was released, attacking our Regional Director and accussing many of our volunteers and volunteer organizations of corruption. Meanwhile, the world continues to turn and life goes on.

With a young dog, part of my life has been wrapped up in the world of training and operant conditioning. This has given me the opportunity to reflect further on the consequences of this petition. Aside from the fact that the accusations that I can substantiate, those against Barry and myself, are not based on facts, my awareness of our reactions to these allegations have been... well... enlightening.

Many of the organizations labeled in the petition serve our community... we benefit from their existence. The volunteers who have been accused are... volunteers. The petition is a positive punisher, in the world of operant conditioning, which deters a behaviour from being repeated. In other words, who would want to give of themselves and their time if they're going to be punished for it, let alone using a legal platform and with such publicity?

Cortes stuggles to acquire the volunteers it needs to be self sufficient. What incentive is there to sacrifice your time and resources, only to be persecuted by a handful of unhappy people? Would my time not be better spent doing more selfish activities that I, alone, answer to? Without volunteers, Cortes cannot adequantely govern or support itself, which means that we lose control of our own management, resources and future. Is this what Cortes wants? Someone from elsewhere telling us what to do? Because this will is the direction being constructed.

I ask those who signed the petition accusing us volunteers and our Regional Director what their plans for Cortes' future is. Did you think this through? Do you want Cortes controlled by outside governance? Or do you believe that the island community should have some control over its own destiny?
Thank you Amanda.
Comment by Caz on 22nd February 2019
Thank you Amanda for all you do for this community.
You and Barry have been so generous over the years and the behaviour of these few people is upsetting for all of us.
Separation seems to be happening all over the world including in our own little community.A reminder of how differences of opinion and “agitators “ create
distruction everywhere.
It is hurtful when it happens in a small community like ours but we must rise above it.Take the high road.
After 40 years on Cortes I have seen many such spats “though none as mean.”
They passed and this will too. In time it will get sorted.
Well put
Comment by Norleen Lillico on 19th February 2019
Thank you, Amanda. I appreciate your eloquence and insight, as well as your many volunteer hours for the betterment of our community.
Thank you Amanda
Comment by Myrna Kerr on 19th February 2019
As a long time volunteer for the Southern Cortes Community Association I appreciate so much what you wrote!

I have been personally insulted and harassed by a few of those unhappy people and I do wonder what joy the get from using our Manson's Hall facilities while slanging the volunteers who struggle to keep the Manson's Hall, the Skateboard Park and the Manson's Cemetery available to Cortes Island residents and visitors!
Comment by Cec Robinson on 18th February 2019
Hi Amanda
You ask good questions of our neighbors who filed that PATHETIC legal petition against Director Noba Anderson.
But they will not really answer you.
Neither will the “Group” that they answer to.
( Those are the ones with enough smarts, but without the guts , to put their faces forward).
They exist in every community, and they will never go away.
The more we criticize them here on Cortes, the more special they will feel, ( they become “THE FEW WHO REALLY KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON “).

The key is to sever their disproportionate influence with the SRD Board.

Get your letters in to the SRD my friends !
Address them to “the Chair and Directors of the SRD Board “ if you expect them to be recorded into the public record.

And Amanda, don’t you dare let them drive you away. You and Barry are ours.