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General News · 14th February 2019
Roy L Hales
There were fifteen of us,* observing. The fact we were directly behind our Regional Director Noba Anderson added another dimension to someone’s promise that we were watching her back. Yet this Strathcona Regional District Board Meeting seemed less strained than the one a month ago.The highlight for Cortes listeners was the decision that SRD will respond to 32 emails from Cortes Island.

Regional Director Claire Moglove of Campbell River made the motion, “This is a very unique situation, I think. I was on this board for six years prior to 2014, and this is the first time I have seen a situation like this. It is a small community and, when you read the correspondence, it is tearing this community apart.”

Several of the other Director voiced their support. John MacDonald of Sayward stressed the need to give these answers soon as possible. Charlie Cornfield of Campbell River added, “I’d like to see the responses too,” and made a second motion which also passed. A communique responding to the substantive issues be sent out into the larger community.

“The SRD showed a little bit of movement towards us and that was definitely an improvement. They are going to answer our letters someday. They didn’t put a time frame on it, but they did move that way,” says Howie Roman, Cortes Radio’s station manager.

“I would certainly, personally, want to thank Director Claire Moglove. … She is the Director from Campbell River and she is the one who specifically put the motion forward to respond to Cortes Island and answer all of the questions they are able to answer and I am going to send her a thank-you,” adds Cec Robinson.

(This is the beginning of the podcast on CKTZ news)

* Re 15 or 18 - I only know there were 15 at the beginning of the meeting, not whether more people came in later..
thank you
Comment by Paul Kirmmse on 2nd March 2019
Roy, thank you so much for your ongoing interviewing, writing ,etc. & for your support of our beloved radio station.
I listened to your interviews, analyses,& writings with admiration.
Opposition to letters ?
Comment by Cec Robinson on 18th February 2019
Hi Becky
One Director opposed.
Gerald Whaley.
SRD presentation guidelines
Comment by De Clarke on 18th February 2019
The Presentation Guidelines document on the SRD website is rather mysterious. Different people at different times have downloaded it and got different versions -- all within a few days. The language that restricts presentations by forbidding debate or questioning appeared, then disappeared, then appeared again, in a very confusing manner.

I suspect that this language was rushed into the doc specifically to forbid these particular delegations, but then the staff who manage the SRD web site somehow switched the old and new versions a few times. Here for example is an official online copy that (at the time when I last viewed it, about 1pm Monday Feb 18) did not contain the restrictive language:
Thank you
Comment by Becky Knutson on 15th February 2019
Thank you, Roy, for the informative update. I was confused, as well about the presentation guidelines. What is posted on the SRD website has no such language they have referred to. The minutes haven't been posted yet. I'm curious to know if any Directors opposed the motion to respond to the letters, and if some did, who?