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General News · 14th February 2019
Rick Bockner
Eighteen people from Cortes attended the meeting Summary of the SRD on the 13th of Feb. in Campbell River.

The Board refused to allow a presentation by Cec and Christine Robinson, but the Corporate Services Manager of the Board did meet with them to help them to frame their request so that it fit their parameters for a presentation at a future meeting.

The only Cortes items discussed were the receipt of 32 letters from Cortes Islanders regarding the present state of issues revolving around the referenda approved in the last election, and the decision at the last meeting to table the three current issues of Cortes business pending more legal advice on the petition filed by a small group of islanders on Jan. 2 to remove Noba Anderson from office as our RD. The letters were accepted into the record and can be viewed on the SRD site.

In the discussion about the correspondence, it was acknowledged that they have never received that amount of mail from a regional district, and that the lawsuit has been a very divisive document that has "torn the community apart". One director said she has never seen a request for a presentation to the Board refused twice.

The Board passed a motion to publicly respond to the questions raised in the letters as best they are able.

RD Anderson asked where the guideline comes from that states that presentations to the Board cannot "question, criticize, or debate decisions taken by the Board". Chief Administrative Officer David Leitch replied that this preceded his term, but that each district is free to set their own
guidelines on this matter. It is not clear when that restriction was placed in the guidelines, or by whom.

In general, we felt that there was some progress made on the state of things here on the island, and we hope to be able to make a presentation in the near future to the Board. We felt heard for the
first time and the number of people present made it clear that there is a need for better communication, and that the issues tabled at the
last meeting need to be resolved. There is still much to do, and I encourage residents to write to the Board with their concerns.

The next meeting is Feb. 28th. If these issues matter to you, consider attending the meeting to watch your local government in action.
Comment by Amanda and Barry Glickman on 14th February 2019
Thanks Rick for writing this up and keep us up to date.