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General News · 11th February 2019
There were two applications for delegation presentation from Cortes Island for the SRD Board meeting on February 13. To our surprise and dismay, both applications were not approved for acceptance onto the SRD Board agenda. The reasons given were that, “ Delegations are not intended to be opportunities for debate, discussion, or questioning of the Board regarding its policies or decisions.” Unfortunately, neither delegation was given the 2019 guidelines for delegations at the time of application. And yes, one might well ask, when delegations have questions about SRD policies and practises, how are they communicated? A new application for delegation at the next SRD Board meeting (February 28) is being applied for now that we are better able to navigate the SRD complexities and procedures.
There are over 25 letters that the SRD received and show on their February 13 agenda. It is well worth taking time to read some or all of the letters. The letters are an inspiring testimony of the strength of feelings that people have for the community on Cortes. Check them out at:
Agendas & minutes
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Go to: Board - Regular Meeting/ Correspondence – Cortes Island Matters.
More letters!!!! If you have not sent a letter on SRD issues you feel affect our community and democratic process, you can still do so and it should be acknowledged as ‘Correspondence Received’ for the next SRD Board meeting on February 28. Direct your email to ‘the Chair and Board of Directors’ and send to:
DO COME OUT TO THE FEBRUARY 13 MEETING, 12:30 PM, AT THE SRD OFFICE ON 990 CEDAR STREET. Come early, expect standing room only, and bring a healthy dose of patience.

2019 Guidelines
Comment by Cec Robinson on 13th February 2019
You’ll find them at home page.
Enter “guidelines” as the search word.

They have just been modified in the last few days.
Direct link to the letters
Comment by Irene Blueth on 12th February 2019

Then scroll about 2/3 of the way down the page.
2019 guidelines?
Comment by Becky Knutson on 12th February 2019
Where do we find the delegation guidelines?