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General News · 4th February 2019
Myrna Kerr
Many years ago, in 2010 to be exact, I wrote a public letter to the Cortes Island community - “Friends Shouldn't Kick Friends!”

Now I must revise my position to “Friends Shouldn't Help Friends” as it is obviously very dangerous to persons on Cortes Island!

One might be accused of currying favour, expecting paybacks, even perhaps being considered as politically motivated!

So how far should I take this? Never again putting a coin in a street musician’s guitar case when I am in the city; what about my few dollars in the church collection tray; opening the door to an over burdened mother with a babe in arms and a toddler holding the other hand? Perhaps the elderly, or someone with a walker, should struggle on their own up stairs and through doors?

Just so I protect myself from being indited in a petition to the British Columbia Supreme Court?

Obviously all Cortes Islanders will require professional legal counselors to assist us in making these onerous personal decisions about how to act!

Oh, and do not expect to go to the community for financial help for these costs! Very, very dangerous in my estimation!
what if every body donates anonymously
Comment by mike m on 4th February 2019
ideal government?
Comment by De Clarke on 4th February 2019
In order to avoid utterly and completely the most remote possibility of the least and most trivial grounds for a malicious claim of "conflict of interest"... it seems obvious that from now on no one should run for Regional Director on Cortes who has any history or connection whatsoever with the place or its people. We should ideally be represented by complete strangers who haven't a clue. Yep, that would be safest.