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General News · 26th January 2019
Christine Robinson
There were 8 Cortes residents that attended the SRD Board meeting held on Jan 24 in Campbell River. They hoped to present the Open Letter that was delivered to Cortes mailboxes this week to the SRD. The request was denied because the application for a presentation was not made within the SRD timeframe. Never the less, these 8 stoic individuals sat through the 2-hour meeting. The first item on the agenda was of significant interest to Cortes Islanders.

Quote from the SRD minutes – “THAT the agenda be amended to remove items J6, K2 and K4 until the implications of the legal petition filed by Cortes constituents is fully understood by the Board.”

J6, K2 and K4 refer to the appointment of individuals to a new Advisory Planning Council (since the October 2018 election), the hall service funding, and the first responder service. It would be extremely difficult to determine this if you were to read the minutes from the meeting, as there is no explanation of what J6, K2 and K4 are. They were outlined in the agenda prior to the meeting, but the agenda was taken down once the minutes were posted.

A further quote from the SRD minutes - “THAT the matter be referred to staff for a report regarding the implications of the legal petition.”
Here is a link to the SRD site - ; go to Browse Minutes.

Essentially, this means that our Regional Director, Noba, cannot proceed on any Cortes issues regarding land-use policy and bylaws without the official status of an Advisory Planning Council, and that any immediate progress regarding the hall service funding and the First Responder Service has been halted. Our Regional Director can still represent Cortes Island, as there are some regional districts that operate without an Advisory Planning Council. However, the delay at the SRD effectively means that Cortes Island will miss the SRD budget for 2019. And further implications are only beginning to appear.

How reassuring to know that the SRD are actively engaged in looking out for the well being of Cortes Islanders and their issues.

What you have just read is an even-toned, brief summary from the SRD meeting as an initial update to Cortes Islanders. There are folks so hopping mad, they don’t dare put their thoughts on paper, just yet.
One does begin to wonder about hidden agenda behind the petition, and one does begin to wonder about shadow forces behind the petitioners.
SRD minutes not available?
Comment by De Clarke on 27th January 2019
Despite the diminished confidence I now have in SRD process and professionalism, I don't think this indicates any sinister secrecy.

Talked to some older hands and found out: Agendas are taken down after meetings, as SRD's software does not allow them to work on minutes while the agenda is up - so it is one or the other. [great s'ware, eh] Normally there should be only a few hours where you can't access one or the other.
SRD, deadlines for input
Comment by De Clarke on 27th January 2019
It is best to get correspondence in on Wednesday the week before the meeting, to be sure it will be officially received... they have been known to include simple items submitted up until mid-day on the Friday of the week before the meeting, but you can't count on that.

Of course delegations need to make written requests (see earlier comment) and iirc the official deadline is 10 days before.
SRD Board meeting minutes not available
Comment by Becky Knutson on 27th January 2019
As of this morning, there are no minutes available for viewing. Maybe Sunday AM is site maintenance time? Maybe too much traffic? Hopefully, they will be up later today.
next SRD meetings
Comment by De Clarke on 26th January 2019
February 13 and 28
March 13 and 28
April 10 and 25

There are two ways to attend a public SRD meeting. One is as spectators, "in the gallery". Spectators are not allowed to speak or to disrupt the proceedings.

The other way is as a Delegation. A Delegation must apply for permission to attend and speak. Here's the form:

Unfortunately SRD's web site seems to have been re-indexed, so google searches for e.g. "Strathcona Regional District delegation" tend to throw up 404 errors. It's not a very friendly web site. Their physical address is

301-990 Cedar Street
Campbell River, BC V9W 7Z8
when indeed?
Comment by De Clarke on 26th January 2019
Normally one would look here:

But when you visit this page on the SRD web site, as of this evening anyway, you find a button labelled "Coming Soon: 2019 Scheduled Board and Committee Meetings." Apparently the schedule is not published yet. I will try to find out.

next SRD Board of Directors meeting
Comment by Jean le Cheminant on 26th January 2019
According to their website, next meeting is Wed. Feb. 13 at 12:30.
Thank you and what does this mean - clarification
Comment by Kelly on 26th January 2019
Thank you for attending this meeting, Christine and others. What does this mean exactly: "However, the delay at the SRD effectively means that Cortes Island will miss the SRD budget for 2019." How will not being included in the SRD budget for 2019 affect Cortes Island? How has Cortes benefited in previous years, when we have been included in the SRD budget? As in, do our community services now stand to lose money because of this "delay"?
Correspondence deadlines?
Comment by Becky Knutson on 26th January 2019
Could you please let us know what the deadline is for letters to be included on the agenda of SRD board meetings? Thanks!
When is the next SRD meeting?
Comment by Mary Clare Preston on 26th January 2019
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