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General News · 23rd January 2019
De Clarke
On Weds Jan 23, mailboxes at all three post offices on Cortes Island received a 1-page, 2-sided flyer entitled "Open Letter to Cortes Islanders." (If anyone didn't get this flyer in their box, there should be spares on the counter or table nearby).

The Open Letter recaps the recent news about litigation initiated against Director Noba Anderson by 14 Cortes residents, and expresses dismay and disapproval. Since most people will have seen the flyer by now, I won't overload this article with the entire text; if no paper copy has reached you yet, you can read it here:

I will instead quote just two core sentences which summarise the sense of the document: We, the undersigned, believe these allegations to be unfounded and mean-spirited. While some of us disagree with Noba on various issues, and not all of us voted for her in the last election, we feel that this lawsuit is politically motivated and not in keeping with Cortes community spirit.

To understand not only the content but the context of this letter, I encourage everyone to read the actual text of the petition to litigate, as filed Jan 2/3 by the 14 petitioners. Now that the legal process is moving forward, this petition has become public information and is available here:
This petition includes full details of the allegations being made against Director Anderson, as well as the names of persons (27) and community organisations (8) implicated in those allegations.

We, the undersigned is almost 200 people. If (having read both the petition and the open letter) you find you agree with enough of the points raised in the letter to add your name to theirs, it's not too late. There is also an online version, updated daily with additional names. (The typesetter ran out of room on Page 2, so this online version was created to accommodate signers whose names, sadly, didn't fit.)

Write to me (email below) if you would like your name to be added. No name will be added without a written request. Note: for your name to be added, you should be at least one of the following: (a) a long-time or more than half-time resident of Cortes Island, i.e. a community member and hence stakeholder in our civic affairs or (b) a property owner, rate-payer, and hence stakeholder in our civic affairs.

If you would like to explore the larger context surrounding the petition/litigation (including some ongoing issues with SRD which are mentioned only in summary in the open letter) there's a Resource Page which offers some historical background. The Resource Page also links to a Questions page which lists some issues raised for me, personally, after considering the background info and history. Here's the link:

If, after considering this information, you find that you share any of the doubts and reservations expressed in the Open Letter and the Questions page, with regard to the process at SRD and their handling of Cortes Island affairs... I encourage you to write to SRD Board of Directors and let them know your thoughts. The appropriate email address, plus some tips on proper form so as to be sure your letter is entered into the public record, may be found on the Resource Page.

I feel that this matter is of the gravest concern to all Cortes Islanders. This is a moment of possibility, not just of outrage and distress. Although "politics" can be tremendously boring, I encourage all Cortes Islanders to pay some attention to it at this moment, and to get involved. There's an opportunity here to improve our relationship with SRD and strengthen our democratic process - a chance to make a long-term investment in our future.
to new signers
Comment by De Clarke on 24th January 2019
Thanks for the emails, folks. I'm trying to keep up. If you don't see your name appear w/in 24 hours of sending a request to sign, please remind me... also, if I've misspelled your name, I'm always happy to correct it!