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General News · 22nd January 2019
Connie Brill
The following is a letter I went to the SRD after reading the Mirror article:

I was in Banff, (where I moved to Cortes from in 2014) with the Banff community reaching out to 2 families – one whose house just burnt down and one whose daughter was the victim of an auto accident. The community outreach was amazing, showing the best that community offers in times of need.

I have felt that same sense of community here on Cortes; one of the reasons I value this island as my home. I was deeply saddened to see the Mirror article regarding our representative Noba Anderson. To take an act of community pulling together for members in need and taint it with these accusations hurts my spirit. I believe it is a divisive and ill-intended petition at best.

I am hoping that the reason it made the news and is being investigated is due to the fact any such claim must be investigated. It would not be appropriate to dismiss any groups voices without looking at various facts. The stress this causes for our representative and the divisiveness to the island community are real.

That it went into the newspaper seems irresponsible on someone’s part; this is an accusation and those are easy to make. What happens if this proves to be, small-minded targeted politicking? Will an article be written to take these people to task?

To take what is a core of community strength – the ability to help one another in times of need – and create a political circus is shameful. Shame on all who participate. If I am wrong and there is shown to have been some impropriety, then these folks had a good reason to go forth and I will apologize to them for doubting their integrity.
Well Spoken...
Comment by Rebeka on 22nd January 2019
Thank you for your wise words, and no doubt considerable time to pen this note.

I appreciate your use of the word, Integrity; may we all go that route moving forward!