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General News · 14th January 2019
SRD - Barb
Please see the attached Land Act Notice of Intention to Apply for a Disposition of Crown Land.
Great News!
Comment by Lovena on 18th January 2019
Whaletown Commons is the centre of the Whaletown community and we are so grateful for this wild space to walk and play. The expansion is wonderful!
disposition of crown land
Comment by peter rothfels on 18th January 2019
man, i got a real fright when i saw this post. my first thought was someone wanted the land to build a huge dock and then expand whaletown creek so that they could access the sea from the wilderness. whew! what a relief, a joy even, to know that this land will be added to the commons instead. there is wilderness left. and there are wild places within us, too, that have communion with the spirit of the natural world.
thank you to those who saw this through.
Comment by De Clarke on 15th January 2019
I enjoy strolling through the Commons on a regular basis over the winter. Often I think how tragic it would be if I were walking through an eroded clearcut. OK, I still strongly resent having to pay such a ransom to IT for land that imho never should have been "theirs" in the first place :-) but I agree with Oliver that it was worth the effort and expense to save this chunk of forest from the chainsaws. And yes, visitors do often mention it as one of the signature attractions of the island. A little local treasure.
Wonderful addition!
Comment by Hubert Havelaar on 14th January 2019
So very happy that this is moving forward.....a wonderful and natural addition to the Commons!
Comment by oliver kellhammer on 14th January 2019
A long time in coming! This will safeguard more of Whaletown's older forest habitat, ensuring its public accessibility for the future. A vital addition to the Whaletown Commons, a park that has been popular beyond my wildest expectations. So many locals and visitors alike are using the Commons and appreciating the beautiful and biologically diverse woodland that is within walking distance from the Gorge and most of the rest of Whaletown. Bravo for all who worked so hard to make it happen. Despite the naysayers, it was so worth it!!