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General News · 10th January 2019
Chris Walker
I recently became aware of an article in the Campbell River Mirror:

It appears that 13 of our fellow citizens have "filed a petition in court to have the director for Cortes Island disqualified from her position on the Strathcona Regional District board until the next election"
The gist (in my read of it) of the petition is that by accepting financial donations in order to re-build her father Bernie's accommodation after it burned down in an accident, Noba might be guilty of allowing said donations to influence her behaviour to the benefit of the donors.
From the article:
"They allege 27 people who donated to the GoFundMe effort had benefited personally or were in organizations that had."

“Anderson took money from her constituents for personal gain and a number of those same constituents received gifts and grants in return,” the petitioners state.

If there is any truth to this accusation then the petitioners are to be commended for exposing such malfeasance. If, on the other hand Noba did not apply any favouritism for financial gain to the 27 people who donated to help build Bernie's new quarters then these petitioners are guilty of a despicable act of petty, vindictive and specious malice that they should be deeply ashamed of.

I look forward to reading a detailed explanation of how these concerned citizens justify this action.

Chris Walker
Read all about it!
Comment by Jon Knowles on 10th January 2019
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