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General News · 12th January 2019
Errington Collett
Let's gather together to celebrate the life of our dearest friend.
Bring food and share stories
January 26 at 4pm Manson's hall
Contact Kiersten or Mnik to arrange what foods to bring.
"We Concer"
Comment by "The Three Amigos" on 7th January 2019
Oh Ian, only you can speak/write the words that absolutely "nail it". Thank you for taking our shared thoughts and emotions and so poetically and succinctly describing the intensity of our love for such a wonderful human being. The greatest gift of all from Marc is how he left us knowing that he will forever be in our hearts and thoughts.
Thank you Marc. Take our love wherever you go.
Forever love from three friends.😘
marc was the light
Comment by ron lund on 7th January 2019
i have many dear stories of marc, from the first time i arrived on cortes he made me feel like i belonged.
his love for food and feeding others was well known. i experienced this the first time when i was at a party of his when he was living in the yurt on the gorge. he had cooked a big batch of prawns and he wanted to make sure i got some and hand fed them to me.
at yet another gathering which was a masquerade party he came with a lamp shade over his head, he turned on a flashlight under the shade and said "i am the light".
he may be gone but he will not be forgotten. a very cheerful and lovely soul. it was a blessing to share some good times with him.
Dear Marc
Comment by Ian Ross on 7th January 2019
I’ve known Marc from, I think, almost the first week of his life here, when he caught a ride with Lise and myself from Whaletown to Manson’s. He was, as ever, quiet and self-effacing and hardly said a word (!) as we drove, except that he had plans, some day, of opening up “the best restaurant this island’s ever seen.”
And, by God or grace, he did!
He was, as is evident here, now (with so many of us grieving his loss - but ‘loss’ is a strange word to use for having had the gift of knowing him), truly beloved, which puts me in mind of a poem by Raymond Carver, another great good soul who left us far too early:

“And did you get what
You wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
Beloved on the earth.”

And he was, and is.

Thank you, dear friend, for being here, with us.