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General News · 29th December 2018
sonya friesen
For the past year rides needed or offered have been posted on the classified column. We are asking those who have posted these to let us know

Did you connect with a rider or driver ?

Do you think the rideshare site would offer any improvements ?

We ( Island Carshare Co-op ) did not promote the rideshare site this year as it seemed more effective to have all posts in one place on the tideline, it gets lots of views and is easy for community to use. But there are some advantages on the rideshare site, for example for posting local short notice “real time” rides ? For more info see article below from Jan last year, “Re-rideshare past and future “

As to assisting rides crossing Quadra between ferry terminals, a shuttle bus, scheduled taxi service, or ridesharing with a Co-op carshare vehicle parked on Quadra etc. are the solutions we need to put our efforts towards but in the meantime,

Do you see a benefit in providing removable rideshare mirror tags “ room for rider “ for drivers to hang if they choose to offer a ride at ferry terminals instead of riders approaching random cars ?
Note riders are always welcome to chip in to cover costs but drivers cannot offer the ride as a service and charge for the ride. Rules may change end of 2019.

Do you see a need for Cortes safe rides home ? Perhaps just remembering to post offered rides home prior to events and volunteers willing to be on call certain event nights or weekends for to drive you and your car home ?

A co-op van shared by community members and societies , businesses, prioritized for events and ridesharing to/fr whaletown ferry terminal ?.

A big Thank You to Ester for keeping the rides posting and continuing to provide this excellent format for community to share views, ideas, events etc.

Please post your comments below or email to Sonya Friesen,

Mirror tags
Comment by Tommaso on 2nd January 2019
Love the idea of mirror tags
Keep posting rides in classifieds
Comment by Carmen on 1st January 2019
When ridesharing was moved to the separate platform I seldom got a ride from posting there. Now that they are back in with classifieds I almost always connect with someone willing to help transport my body or my stuff. People are kind and generous and usually glad to reduce the carbon footprint by sharing. Please keep it this way! As a side note, if riders are willing to contribute to gas/ferry costs or drivers expect a contribution it is helpful to be specific about that, to avoid embarassing misunderstandings. Thanks all.
Comment by Patricia L on 30th December 2018
Posting on Tidelinehas been successful for me more often than not.
It didn't work so well with rideshare because not everyone looks there and the postings were on the day of (I think).
I don't think a shuttle or taxi or any other vehicle across Quadra is a place to put our energy. In both cases, it is a long walk to the parking area if it is windy and raining which it often is. Also, it is very likely that someone who needs a ride across Quadra Island will find a friend on the ferry. The idea of a tag in the window if someone will offer a ride is great. It is not fun asking for rides, especially with parcels and stuff. It is such a worry all day wondering "how will I get home" . I think if we can just be more kind to each other and offer rides, that is where to put some energy to promote the idea.
I would also like to see a couple of "Bus stop for the Ferry" signs somewhere so drivers know that is where you are trying to get to. Maybe by the Co-Op and by the "T" by Gunflint Lake?
Thanks for asking.
Room for riders
Comment by Clio FM on 30th December 2018
I’d love a “room for riders” tag!