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General News · 3rd December 2018
Noah & Izabelle
A huge thank you goes out to all the wonderful people that partook in the Whaletown Christmas Bazaar 2018. This event would not be possible without the involvement of the whole community.

Much gratitude goes out to all the community members that donated their time to decorate the Gorge Hall with us. Thank you for showing up, putting up greenery, decorating the tree and making the Gorge Hall a magical and festive place to be. The community potluck was wonderful, joyous and productive.

We would also like to thank all the amazing bakers and cooks that donated their time, skills, and ingredients to help with this fundraiser. Thanks to: Ann Marie, Cali, Wendy H, Myann, Karen Lee, Doone, Christine R, Diane D, Barbara B, Sue J, Hélène R, Rick & Carina, Bernice, Ayami, Rose Fitcyk, Chris N, Peter H, Rod Lee and Noah. A golden star goes out to Beth Napper for volunteering to be Baker Recruitment Coordinator.

Thank you to Jenny Wilson for Conducting the 50/50 draw and filling the air with magical Queenly energy.

Many thanks to the artisans, crafters and artists that continue to amaze with their incredible diversity of skills and talent that make this event worth attending. A special shout out to the brave vendors that set up outside on one of the first cold days. We are glad we were able to offer a space for new artisans to show the community their amazing creative talent.
And to Laurel Bohart, we extend our sincere gratitude for providing beautiful festive music. The Christmas Bazaar would not be the same without you.

We’d like to highlight some incredible community members for going above and beyond the call of duty: Ray, Peter, Noah, Shiva, Chris N. and Cali for holding the kitchen together and serving up the wonderful food. Suzanne Muir and Chris Napper for being there from beginning to end and helping us clean up the hall when we were ready to give up. Thanks to Jan and Rick, Rod Lee, Basil and Linda, Fred and Sandra Reedel, and Hélène Racine for providing and collecting holly for the Gorge Hall. Thanks to Chris Napper for his time and energy collecting salal and cedar. We would also like to thank John Drew for providing the Gorge Hall with another great Christmas tree. We really appreciate all the sustainably harvested greenery and tree.
This is truly a community effort and we could never pull this off without all of you.

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,

Noah + Izabelle
Comment by Amy bockner on 3rd December 2018
A huge thank you to Noah & Izabelle for volunteering so much time and energy to this every year! Community spirit in action.