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General News · 28th November 2018
Dan and the Youth Voices Team
Tune in to CKTZ 89.5 on Wednesdays at 4pm and Saturdays at 9am to catch our youth radio podcasts and documentary! They will also be streaming- same times- at

Enthusiasm. Exuberance. Imagination. Authenticity. Honesty. Contemplation. Vulnerability. Depth. All of these words describe the youth of today. Indeed, these qualities can be found inside each one of us if they are given the space to grow and be revealed.

Our Youth Voices! Radio Workshop program set out to help youth tap in to the well of knowledge, creativity and experience they possess and share it with the world. We gave them hands on, practical instruction in the use of hand held “Zoom” recorders and a basic grounding in the realm of audio production, with a free program called Audacity. They were given a list of questions and topics to choose from for a starting point, and also encouraged to go whichever direction they might imagine. These podcasts are a beautiful reflection of the interests, opinions, and diversity of our youth.

The lens of youth is both unique and invaluable to the matrix of healthy community.  To support youth in exploring their experiences and then sharing them with the world tells them that their voices matter.  Their opinions matter.  And overall, that who they are and what they have to offer is valid and valued

Tune in and enjoy interviews, philosophical musings, daily life interests and more. Then be sure to stick around for a behind the scenes documentary.

Huge thanks to all of our sponsors and supporters: Cortes Community Health Association, Community Radio Fund Canada- Radiometres program, Youth Voices!, CKTZ Cortes Community Radio Society, Spark Point Music, Cortes Natural Food Co-op and Hollyhock. And a big thanks to Linnaea Farms for hosting us!

Dan and the Youth Voices Team
We heard it!
Comment by Stephen Reid on 29th November 2018
My 8 year old found it surfing the FM dial. It was really interesting!
Now We're Talking!!
Comment by Victor Dancing Wolf on 28th November 2018
What a great idea but more importantly a realized one

Big shout out to the great work that Dan Peters and Spark Point Music have done over the last few years with the appreciative Youth here and another round of applause to these same young Cortesians for being so enthusiastic ands creative.

I'll be tuning in!