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General News · 27th November 2018
Jon Knowles
Who has ever heard of a referendum for a referendum? What possible reason for something that silly except to delay a decision or are the Krats just being goofy?

The Obstruction and Delay tactic has been effectively used forever by lobbyists to stonewall popular policy decisions to serve their interests; tobacco denial, climate change denial, etc.

To be fair, governments can over time become irrational and dysfunctional, as we have noticed.

The question of a referendum for a hall tax has been active since the spring of 2017 when the for and against petitions were conducted, plenty of time since then for people to look at the question and plenty of time for SRD to consult with the community completely. The SRD had lots of time to word the question on the Referendum for the Referendum, so why were key things left out resulting now, they claim, in the necessity of more meetings sometime in the future. Was it incompetence or obstructionism?

The numbers of the for and against positions regarding the Hall Tax question have been consistent; it's as if everything that needed to be said has been said and people by now have made up their minds. The position regarding the First Responders question was overwhelming so what more is there to say? Time to move on if there isn't anything new.

Yea or nay, the two Halls and the Fire Department need to know where they stand for the future and the community deserves to have their say soon so we can direct our energy constructively.

obstruction and delay
Comment by gail ringwood 935 6960 on 28th November 2018
I hope this article goes to the board of the regional district and to the newspaper because I do think the idea of further consultation on the subject of support for our halls and support for first responder training is obstruction of the will of a clear majority.
democracy inaction
Comment by Tom Bohart on 28th November 2018
I agree with Jon that a referendum on a referendum is rediculous, but this train left the station a while ago, and there’s no going back. Noba, SRD meeting July 18th:

Anderson/MacDonald: SRD 647/18

THAT the SRD hold a non-binding referendum in conjunction with the October 20, 2018 local government elections to gauge the level of support or opposition to a Cortes Island First Responder service.

CARRIED Directors Cornfield, Leigh and Samson opposed
Thus delaying the funding for the firefighters for a at least a year.

As for the Hall Tax, we were told over and over that a vote for a referendum was a vote for democracy, not for or against the tax. Now the same people claim it was a vote for a tax. The WCC voted on whether or not to take the money, not on whether to have a tax. The petition ws the same - not asking if people wanted a tax. Maybe they do, but no one’s asked them yet.