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General News · 15th November 2018
Brittany Baxter
Today some friends rescued a nanemot / Great Horned Owl that was injured in Whaletown near the turn off to the ferry. There are some very knowledgeable and caring people on the island who jumped in to help us out and we are very thankful. The owl is headed over to MARS Wildlife Rescue Centre in Courtenay, where it will be assessed, treated, and set free once it has recovered.

I wanted to share this story as a reminder that this is a very dangerous time of year for owls as they like to hunt rodents running around on the road at dawn and dusk. Their prey is easier to spot, but the downside is that humans driving in vehicles often don't see the hunters and hit them.

Take special care while you are driving at dawn and dusk, and if you do accidentally hit an owl or find an injured one, please take action to help it out. If you are not experienced with handling injured birds, call for assistance. You can reach MARS at (250) 337-2021 or on their emergency line at (250) 897-2257 and they can walk you through an action plan.

The stress of captivity can kill wild birds, so if you find an injured bird:

* Place a towel over the bird or animal
* Put the bird or animal into a cardboard box, NOT a cage
* Close the lid/handle as little as possible
* Put it in a warm, dark, QUIET place
* DO NOT give wildlife food OR water
* Keep children, cats and dogs away
* Phone MARS immediately; a volunteer will call back as soon as possible.

Another update
Comment by myann on 21st November 2018
The great horned owl returned to Cortes from the MARS wildlife rescue by ferry late today and was successfully released back in Whaletown. It rose on the quietest of wings into the night forest.
Update about the Owl
Comment by Brittany Baxter on 18th November 2018
We have been informed that the owl has been recovering well, no damage to its wings, and will be sent back over to the island to be released back into the wild very soon.
What to do
Comment by Amanda Glickman on 17th November 2018
Thanks Brittany!

Just for more info.... Before assisting any wildlife in distress, please check with the MARS "what to do" site first:
don't throw food out your car window
Comment by mike malek on 16th November 2018
Apple cores and the like attract the rats that owls are after, then, bang! car.