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Pumpkin Carving is Fun!
General News · 23rd October 2018
De Clarke
Dear Whaletowners:

This year for fun, Awesome Izabelle and I conspired to get some pumpkins (a dozen) for creative community carving! the idea goes like this:

1. you pick up your free pumpkin from the porch of the schoolhouse (where Izabelle will leave them tonight).

2. you take it home and design and carve a pumpkin masterpiece, alone or with friends and family... there's a whole week to come up with a design and carve it...

3. you bring your amazing hand-carved pumpkin to the Halloween fireworks party, where we light them all up and make a pumpkin art avenue leading up to the schoolhouse!

4. when the party is over, if you don't want your pumpkin any more, there is a handy bonfire for disposing of it.

My important Halloween discovery of this year is that a Luci Light makes a terrific pumpkin illuminator. Being transparent it lets the golden colour of the pumpkin interior really shine, and it's waterproof and glop-proof (important when inside a pumpkin).

PS If you have a spare Luci, would you be willing to bring it (charged up) to light up pumpkins?