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General News · 22nd October 2018
Come visit me at the Friday Market on October 26th to give feedback on the 2018 map, to sign up for advertising on the 2019 map or to point out any corrections that need to be made. (or email me)
The 2019 map will go to the printer in early May 2019 so if all goes well they'll be in the racks & at the ferry by the May long weekend. 15,000 of the new colour maps were printed and distributed in 2018.

The 2019 Cortes Map will be available:
• Handed out to arriving visitors at the Campbell River ferry terminal
• Cortes & Quadra Ferry
• Campbell River, Quadra and Cortes Visitor Information Centres
• Cortes Island locations; stores/museum etc.
• Online at


Option 1
Regular listing - $175 + gst

- name
- phone number
- website url or email address
- 110 characters of text

Option 2
Extended listing - $250 + gst

- name
- phone number
- website url or email address
- 250 characters of text

Option 3
Display listing - $450 (90% of Business size card) + gst

Includes a Regular listing

Option 4
Display Extended listing  - $500 (90% of Business size card) + gst

Includes an Extended listing

Other Options are available as well, please contact me for details.
Comment by Ester on 27th October 2018
Thanks Ian, and to all the people that came out on Friday with their feedback and corrections. They will be incorporated in the updated version!
The school’s a dock
Comment by Ian Ross on 27th October 2018
It’s a wicked map, Ester, thanks: I love maps. One thing I noticed, though, when pouring over it with a magnifying glass is that the school in Manson’s is a “J,” which means, I believe, it’s one of our public docks. I know, indeed, at least one kid who’s been moored there for years. And happily too. So maybe it is a dock?
Thank Sean
Comment by Ester on 23rd October 2018
Siereen Road is labelled, but maybe not clearly enough? It is very visible on the printed version. Nothing happened to Larson's Meadow Road, it just didn't make it :) I will include it on the 2019 version. Jeffrey Road is there without a label so I'll label it. Thanks Sean
Missing Roads and Labels.....
Comment by Sean Coyote on 23rd October 2018
What happened to Larson's Meadow Road ?
Also, Jeffery Road (off Bartholomew) is shown but not labeled on the map.
In addition, though it's hard to tell in the picture, it looks like Siereen Road in Smelt Bay is also missing its label.
Thanks Ester !
Nothing happened to Anvil Lake
Comment by Ester on 23rd October 2018
As far as i know...
what happend to anvil lake?
Comment by mike malek on 23rd October 2018
Manson's Landing
Comment by Ester on 23rd October 2018
Hi Andy, yes, the Manson's area will get an enlargement on the side this year. Thanks for your feedback.
Cortes map
Comment by Andy Vine on 23rd October 2018
Hi Ester, a woman asked me for directions the other day and she had your map with her. I tried to help her but the detail around Mansons is so tiny it was very difficult. Any way there could be an enlarged inset of the populated part in the upper (unpopulated) part of the map?