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General News · 21st October 2018
David Rousseau
When I was a boy, not yet a teenager, a politician inspired me to believe in honour and public service. He said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country."

I was among twenty thousand others, mostly school groups, and most of us never forgot what John Fitzgerald Kennedy said that day. Some of us were permanently and indelibly shaped in that moment. We stopped asking "what's in it for me?" - which is typical for a twelve-year-old - and we started asking, "What's in it for ... we?"

After forty-seven years of committed community life on Cortes Island, I am urging my community to recognize that we are at an important political crossroad. Long range planning, sustainable housing, economic initiatives -- these are what Noba Anderson stands for and has faithfully represented for ten years of remarkable and focused service in our community.

Noba is a Cortesian first and a politician, second. I've known her since she was a child and Noba grew up with strong community values and evolved principles that work for all of us. She has made the Regional Director's job into a role of true advocacy for many of the causes essential to our collective, sustainable future. Anyone who believes this is easily done should follow Noba's schedule and commitments for a while. I am always astonished at how much heart and effort she puts into all that she does.

In my book, dedication to service is the only kind of motivation that gets my vote.

Just to pick out one example, in the 47 years I have been on Cortes, I have never experienced anything nearly as unifying and important as the housing initiative. Noba has recognized the need and held the vision of positive action on housing for many years. And it is Noba's leadership that has secured the generous funding and acquired the land at Manson's. This is the first critical step in solving pressing housing needs that threaten to diminish or paralyze our healthy social development.

There are so many things in our lives that are easy to be against. Most of us are wary of change, though change is inevitable. The difference is in how we change. Are we being reactive to short term complaints, or proactive for the long-term success of our children's lives?

Most people don't like paying taxes. And some don't trust politicians at all, period. Some are just angry. But an election outcome driven by that kind of short-term sentiment is certain to be a disaster. It's what put Donald Trump in office.

So I thank all those Cortes Islanders who chose to look beyond short-term aggravations and vote positively for true advocacy and a healthy future.

Ask not what Cortes can do for you... Ask what you can do for a healthy and sustainable future for all of Cortes! Re-electing Noba is a good start; now let's move forward together.
When Pierre Trudeau learned Nixon insulted him, he said:
Comment by George Sirk on 22nd October 2018
"I have been called worse things by better people.”
- Pierre Trudeau
Vietnam, remember?
Comment by Wendy Legare on 22nd October 2018
I can't help but think of the thousands of young Americans killed and crippled who heard,read and swallowed the -ask not -propaganda.

And the hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese killed in the colonial slaughter by the words and decisions of Presidents Kennedy et al.

Ask why?
Comment by Patricia L. on 22nd October 2018
Luckily we had JFK who inspired me also but we would not have had him if his private life were being examined with a microscope.