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General News · 21st October 2018
Carole Davidson
This poem was given to me by Rollo Boas 35 years ago. He didnít know who wrote it but thought it was worth saving. For years Iíve threatened to transcribe it while I could still read the fast-fading writing. Finally here it is.

The Good Life
I want the good life,
Thatís all Iím looking for
If I could live the good life
Iíd ask for nothing more.

I only want a piece of land
Beside the ocean shore,
Secluded in the wilderness
Not too far from a store.

I donít mind work; Iíd like a job
Donít care too much what kind
Just so long itís interesting
And donít take too much time.

I know it means a lot of sweat
Iím bound that Iíll make good
Iíll borrow an axe for an afternoon
And cut my winterís wood.

Iíll get a spade and dig some ground
And plant a bunch of seeds
Iíll let the rain do all my watering
And the deer eat all my weeds.

I want a chick to care for me
And nurse me through my ills,
A chick whoíll love and sympathise
And pay half of all the bills.

Author unknown
A Sweet Poem
Comment by Gary Fast on 22nd October 2018
Thanks Carole!
Such a sweet poem and a sweet remembrance of Rollo Boas.
Gillian & Gary