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General News · 20th October 2018
On Sunday October 15th the Tideline went into migration mode on the server. This is something behind the scenes that usually doesn’t concern the editor. Unfortunately it became the biggest nightmare ever. The migration went wrong, and I was locked out. Marc (my server provider) told me that was due to the migration process still being in process, but once it was done, all would be fine. So I fielded the emails that came flooding in and waited. It is usual for it to take “up to” 24 hrs so I was not concerned. (It is not usual to run it without notifying the server reseller so they can notify the site owner but that’s another story)

When it was still not done in the evening, we knew something else was going on and the digging started. And that took some time. Barry, the original coder of our beloved Tideline found the problem. Om and Lyle jumped in to help as it was serious coding business we were dealing with. Blocked at root level on the server we hit a wall again. This is so tricky when it is a custom coded site. We leased our own new server as we needed root access and Om and Lyle started building up the site from a backup. We were all working long hrs to fix it. Finally, late last night, the final missing modules were installed and Barry wrote a script to test it. All seems to be ok now.

Was it bad timing? Yes. Very. But this started in Michigan at some data centre where someone who did not realize we had a custom coded site, pressed the Migrate button which they do 1000x a day without any problems and set this headache in motion. We didn’t get advance notice or I would have scheduled it after October 20th and given you heads up as well.

Unfortunately (for us on this end) this is not over. We will proceed with duplicating the site onto the new server and get it running smoothly so we have total access in the future. The process of moving over to Wordpress (open source platform) will also speed up, so the Tideline will go through some changes in early 2019. Our goal is to create a well running site where people can continue to post free classifieds, short notices, calendar items and community articles. We also want to make sure that the access to the Tideline we have today remains intact so old articles can still be read.

Thank yous: First of all to the people that took the time send me kind notes of support and letters of what the Tideline means to you. It really helped to keep me going and to work hard to get the service back up and running. Huge thank you to Barry, Om and Lyle. You are all amazing community minded people and I am so thankful you helped out and kept at it until it was functional again. To Marc for trusting me (handing over key passwords to strangers can be nerve racking) and being a good communicator. He has been a great server provider over the last 8 years and always responded/worked with me immediately when we have had server issues in the past.

What a week. I learned more about Perl, SSH Keys, Permissions and Cloud Functions than I ever wished to know....

I’ll keep you posted on this. For now, enjoy this beautiful sunny day.

As of tonight, you will be able to submit posts again.
Community is the gift
Comment by Richard Yensen on 22nd October 2018
Technology can be unpredictably non-functional and that is when the loving gift of community comes to save us. Thanks each one and all of you for your fine efforts on our behalf. Cheers for Tideline and the caring team that rescued it.
welcome back
Comment by De Clarke on 21st October 2018
I know from bitter experience how ugly a forced new version rollout can get :-) Congrats and major props to the team who worked very hard to dig TL out of the morass. We've missed it.
YAYYYY!!! You're BACK!
Comment by Heather Bruce on 20th October 2018
Kudos, Hip Hip Hooray and all other cheering appropriate!

One more time I think to myself: there are some really special people living on Cortes and OFF Cortes as well...that *work together* to make this world a better place. Thank you to Ester, Marc, Barry, Om and Lyle and anyone else involved in untangling this yarn ball.

I agree with Jan, it is an appropriate time to donate to the cause if we can afford to do so. Ester does an absolutely EXEMPLARY job of "editoring" our favorite community newsletter. It is no small job!

Thank you, ALL!
A Huge Applause
Comment by Om on 20th October 2018
Wonderful work you guys, thank you so much Barry and Marc for the work you guys have done and to Lyle for helping get a cloud server going.

And to Ester....she has been tireless approving our comments and posts for years and I'm sure has spent the last 5 days pulling her hair out defending against an onslaught of emails etc. A huge applause to Ester for orchestrating the revival of the site and staying dedicated to it. We really are so grateful to have people like you on this island.

Thank you
A huge thank-you to our fearless webmaster
Comment by Dave Hughes on 20th October 2018
Many thanks to you, Barry, Om and Lyle - sounds like a real beast of a problem but we all sure appreciate your efforts.
It's the Russians!
Comment by Stephen Moyse on 20th October 2018
Vote early! Vote often!

(Migrating server scripts indeed. Nice line, Ester. Being paid in rubles now, are you?!)

Thank you!
Comment by Shannon on 20th October 2018
Ester, thank you so much for all you do to keep the Tideline - such an important tool for the community! - running. Thanks also to Barry, Om and Lyle for their help with the latest crisis. The update you posted today helps to keep us in the loop with server issues. All the best to you as you continue to work on behalf of all Cortesians, and friends from afar who like to keep up with community events.
Thank you all
Comment by Jan on 20th October 2018
Thank you all for all your hard work. Many of us take Tideline for granted and don’t realize what it takes to keep it going. Tideline has become a part of our life on Cortes and we were made very aware of how much we missed it this week.
Maybe this is a good time to make a donation to our beloved Website as it looks like there will be some big costs in the future.
Just push the DONATE button.
Thanks again.
Thank you :o)
Comment by Carol Lewis on 20th October 2018
You're awesome, Ester! And, you, too, Barry, Om & Lyle! Thank you for all your hard work.