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General News · 28th September 2018
Gabriel Dinim
All the people I personally know who are opposed to the hall tax, have not raised children on the island and hence I believe, lack a sense of communal history and a sense of a communal legacy.
One does not need to raise children on the island to have a sense of communal legacy, but doing so entrains a sense of communal responsibility to the future.
One wants ones children and grand children to have access to a supportive community, with infrastructures that nurture communal life in order to avoid the sense of isolation and separateness so much more common in urban centers.

To peacefully enjoy ones retirement, benefiting from a favorable real estate deal on a remote island, before one’s death is commendable.
However I object when this narrow view of one’s role on Cortes Island impinges on the future of my community after you are dead.
To consciously sacrifice communal life to uphold an anti tax political ideology, is short term gain for long term pain.
There is little doubt that without consistent financial support the community halls will find it difficult to stay open to meet the increasingly onerous regulatory burden and will eventually become memories of what life was like on Cortes.
The combined asset value of the WCC and SCCA exceed a million and a quarter in lands and buildings, this is value that was created by the work of Cortes Islanders.
The tens of thousands of hours of work that have gone in building and maintaining the halls are a testament to what a sense of community does accomplish.
Cortes Island is a set of Communities and a spirit of communal life that endures and graciously absorbs new residents because of the community life fostered by the Community Halls.
From their birth to their death, members of the community are acknowledged and supported by the members of the community who volunteer on the boards of the community halls, irrespectful of differences of opinion .

I recently heard of a Mr Brice, who in 1947 published a letter saying that Cortes was overrun by city new comers who did not have a clue and were ruining the island, so he was leaving.
Yet these new comers were absorbed, contributed to the Halls and made their mark on the community.
A couple dozen like minded individuals only create a small vocal mutual admiration society.
A diverse community that meets in communal places, where diverse individuals can sit and enjoy the same program, that is how one creates a resilient community.

Support your Community Halls and you communal future
completely agree!
Comment by Heather Bruce on 30th September 2018
In a word, no TWO words....yes!, yes!
well said
Comment by De Clarke on 30th September 2018
well said Gabriel.

the contribution of operating expenses via property tax assessment is the smallest investment we've made in our halls. its purpose is to preserve and protect the much, much larger investment made over generations.