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Norm and Denise Gibbons
General News · 28th September 2018
Rex Weyler
Our beloved Denise Gibbons passed on the morning of September 25 at 2:59 a.m., under the full harvest moon, as the wolves called: 03:00 is widely known as the "hour of the wolf," the transition from darkness to light.

Funeral Service: Friday, 1:00, at Cortes cemetery
(Drummers, present and past member of Island Rhythm, musicians, please attend and participate in the procession. Meet: Cemetery Road, 12:45.

Reception: Friday, 3:00, quiet reception at Gibbons home

Celebration of Life: To be announced, at Mansons Hall.

Norm wrote:

When the hour of the wolf arrived
She heard his call
And together they walked
Into the brilliant white night.

Lisa cell: 250-895-0302
Rex & Lisa: 250-935-0005
Rex email:
Denise passed at the Hour of the Wolf, under the Harvest Moon.
Denise passed at the Hour of the Wolf, under the Harvest Moon.
A true artist
Comment by Susanna Bonner on 18th November 2018
As those who know me know I am away from Cortes, and hence this news of Denise arrives to me late (via reading Monica Nawrocki's blog post... Thank you, Monica).

Norm, Lisa, all of your family, my heart reaches out to you as I think of Denise now. I didn't know her well, more than any friendly acquaintance does on Cortes.

But I think of Denise's luminous smile, and that she was an artist. I suppose that one definition of an artist would be someone who helps others to see the beauty or truth in something, through their work of whatever means.

I recall when the Cortes community came together to help with the Vulner show, and how Denise was one of the artists that volunteered to share her work.

But mostly I recall that in my time of knowing her to the extent I did, Denise has always shown a grace which seemed to encompass a gratitude of being present, a kind soul, that generous smile, a calmness, a thoughtful way about her. The times she welcomed me into her home felt that way, even though they were always moments as mundane as that I'd gone over to help her learn her iPhone better, or to play Go with Norm. But there was a grace about being around her, no matter the occasion.

Anyone who knows what a grace feels like, I imagine may agree that there is beauty and truth in whatever else it is that also makes a grace up. And she showed me that every single time. And still she does as I think of her, and her life's work now--how she shared that grace, and from there, a beauty and truth with all around her. An artist, then and still.
Comment by Mary-Lu Lorenson on 28th September 2018
Very Poignant. Denise would have so appreciated your beautiful poem Norm and such timely passing over into that next great adventure. You were a loved person Denise.
A special person
Comment by Ruth Beaulieu on 26th September 2018
Denise was a very special person...she had a big impact on my life and made me want to be a better person. She helped me through some tough times and was always there. We also had fun times I will always remember. My condolences to the family
Good-bye to a dear friend
Comment by norberto rodriguez on 26th September 2018
So many beautiful memories of Denise, at the Old Schoolhouse Gallery, at her garden, at her studio, with her family...

My deepest condolences to Norm, Lisa, Rex and all her family

Condolences and grieving
Comment by Sujon on 25th September 2018
To talk with her was to be the presence of wonder and delight, gracious in her kindness and beauty in her ability to see the better of others. I am grateful to have met her and come away inspired.
Our condolences and love to this loving family.
Calling Round The Light
Comment by Victor on 25th September 2018
Calling Round The Light

In our Circle of Song, holding hands strong,
we sang for Denise’s journey renowned.
Yes we sang last night for her Divine Flight
and our voices made lovely wings of sound.

Our eyes were teary yet we saw clearly
her Soul held by so much Light and Love.
Our song so soft as we held her aloft
gently helping her to Rise above.

This earthly plane with it’s joy and pain
to Great Mystery just beyond the Heart.
The Silence that ensued was tenderly imbued
with all the loving reverence we could impart.

As the last singers were leaving, the flowing gift of grieving
turned us to the fullness of the Harvest Moon.
So special in her splendor, that moment so very tender
found us Calling Round The Light with a precious tune.

We adapted it a bit so that Denise’s name would fit
and then we sang like wolves to the wonder.
As friends embraced I found myself faced
with mortality and it’s not so distant thunder.

After we all hugged, our heart strings tugged
two of us went down to our jewel of a beach,
where we started a fire and the flames did inspire
more song while her Spirit was within reach.

It will be for a while and neither minute nor mile
apply as she will soon be caressed by every feather,
on the blessed wings she will find, given that she was very kind,
wings that will surely gather other Angels together.

Yet the moment right here is the now that is dear
and it matters as she travels through transition.
A Vigil has begun so please everyone,
hold her in your highest transmission.

As she surely flies on, each coming day will dawn
for those most affected by her freeing.
So let us all remember past this poignant September
the ones closest to this Beauty of a Being

As I gently reminisce on her preciousness
something moves from feeling to thought,
it transcends time and place, the fluidity of her grace
touched everyone dearly beloved or not.

For those of the latter acquaintances did matter
I give gratitude for the light I never saw cease
As this poem comes to rest I feel so very blessed
To have been touched by the profound presence of Denise

Dancing Wolf

Sept 25. 2018
Beautiful Lady
Comment by Patricia Vosper on 25th September 2018
Norm and family,
At times like this we can't help remembering how fragile life is.
I know you will find strength in the love of family and friends.
Denise was a gentle, loving, and kind soul, and she will be dearly missed.
My deepest sympathy,
Patricia Vosper
Shedding light
Comment by Ian Ross on 25th September 2018
If we are judged by the light we shed as we pass circling through this world - and I think no finer thing can be said of a soul - then Denise will be judged among our most rare and worthy.
Love and condolences to Norm and to Michael and to Lisa, and to all of theirs’. And ‘thanks’ to Denise, for simply having been.