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General News · 23rd September 2018
Gorge Harbour Marina - Bill
Dear Members of the Cortes Community

First, Michelle and I want to thank all of you for the incredible support and friendship that so many of you have given us over the past 13 years. It is because of that trust and friendship that we felt that we would write this note in advance of the rumour mill and share the following. We have decided that it is time to place the marina on the market with the goal of finding a buyer whom will continue the legacy and commitment that the marina has to our fellow islanders. This was a very painful and challenging decision for us to make, however, given my age, our stage of life and the fact that it could take many years to find the right purchaser, we felt it was the right time. We expect to list the marina over the next month. It is our hope that at some point we transition from our roles at the marina to that of your neighbors and friends and have more time to enjoy the many wonderful relationships we have developed over the years. We have no definite time frame and Bill, Tammy, Michelle and I will continue to work together to ensure that the marina continues to contribute to the benefit of all of us whom share this very special place. So, simply put, its’ time! We are just getting older and thinking about the future. Few things in our lives have given any of us more pleasure than the smiling faces and happy sounds that we hear as we wander the grounds, the kids spontaneously rolling down the hill with laughter that feels almost like a genetic predisposition, watching almost a generation of kids grow up and help make the marina what it is today and the exceptional talent whose sounds have brought tears to our eyes on so many occasions.

Once again, Michelle and I are so grateful for kindness we received and look forward to sharing the next phase of our lives on Cortes.

Richard and Michelle
Sad, but understandable news!....
Comment by Heather & Michael Bruce on 25th September 2018
We can completely understand how hard this decision has been to arrive at. We get that it's time to actually spend time in your "golden years" enjoying all that life has to offer. Even with your reliable staff, it is a huge undertaking to have improved the marina and grounds as much as you did and then to run it and be so welcoming to the Cortes community in the process. I think Cortes will be hard pressed to find such a dedicated owners as you and Michelle have been.

We wish you the best in your hopefully LONG future on Cortes...or elsewhere if the mood suits you!
Heather & Michael
Thanks Richard and Michelle
Comment by De Clarke on 25th September 2018
I kinda wish I had not heard this news :-( because I think Richard and Michelle's tenure as owners of the Gorge Harbour Marina Resort has been a wonderful era for Whaletown and for Cortes. Personally, I wish they could go on owning the property forever.

So, for the record, I'd like to say a huge THANKS to the Glickmans for managing their resort in a way that has consistently:
welcomed rather than excluded locals,
provided good jobs for lots of people over the years,
welcomed cruisers, kayakers, and campers of all budgets (not just the "carriage trade"),
been hospitable and friendly to local boaters as well as tourists,
been our local Whaletown grocery store, petrol pump, and laundromat!

GHM is the very definition of a good-neighbour business and I can only hope that the new owners - whoever and whenever they may be - will honour and live up to the great tradition set by Richard and Michelle.