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General News · 8th September 2018
there's a Canadian $20. bill on my fridge. pretty sure we all know who's face adorns it. a sentence on a white cartoon-style thought cloud speaks from her mouth. "I own 82% of the landmass in Canada (Crown Land).
0.2% of Crown Land has been set aside for Indians"
sad historical fact, relevant reality. The bill produced by Hornby island artist, legal tradeable tender, who knows how to get his thoughts across to an unsatiable culture, addicted to money. So here's some food for your thoughts. that's a pretty serious Rezoning Process, no? and honestly, a bunch of self-entitled predominantly whiteys going on about their taxes and damn regional district bureaucrats. all the bought and over-entitled politicians. Yes, it's all pretty valid and I'm pretty much sailing on the same ship. Well, to be correct, my ancestors did sail here on some kind of ship. Call it what you want. I'll just call it the Mayflower boat of refugees from Europe. And if that sounds like old history, antiquated or irrelevant, book yourself a holiday villa in Gaza for you next summer get-away. History doesn't conveniently disappear, it repeats itself. Like the planet turning. what goes around, comes around, more often, not in the way you'd prefer. so, voila, two hundred years later, here we live, pretty much in the same state as our refugee forefathers thought they'd escaped. We're definitely in more dire straights this time round. Still unable to really live the big picture or live as generously and compassionately as all our workshops and books tell us to. Pretty much like the ad for paper table towels from Scotty's-Self-absorbed. A culture that never ceases to amaze my level of embarrassment to be part of. In a moment of time travel to escape the reality of Enlightenment Island, I imagined chief Seattle and Red cloud sitting at the back of the hall listening to all the self-importance. Their words on the past, present and future (?) much more insightful and eloquent. So seriously people of the present, take a walk through the area we call Von Don Op Park and think about it. Who's land are you invited to walk through? How many "No trespassing", " Private Property" "Keep Out" "Video Surveillance" "No Turn Around Past this Point" (my favorite- a metaphor for the present). Then go for a walk-about along the waterfront of the island or down South Pt. Rd. Check out all the empty estates of the McMansionville tribe. How's the signage looking, so far? Don't get caught on camera. You lovin it yet?