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General News · 3rd September 2018
Gabriel Dinim
English is the perfect language to describe the intricacies of political machinations, for example, one can do something high handed in an under handed fashion, or one can do something under handed in a high handed fashion, and with identical results.
A perfect demonstration of this high handed under handed wave form is the manner in which the latest flurry of Zoning by-laws, Tax measures and alternate votes have been thrown at us.
The rational is obvious, the staff has worked long and hard on these various by-laws and tax measures, the Regional Directors have staked their political territory with promises and compromises, however the elections are looming large and before a change of personnel, let’s ram it all through first and now.

Coming from an administration that brands itself, as representative and mindful of its stakeholders, I find this last minute onslaught rather gauche and annoying.
I must admit to feeling suffocated by the zoning by laws interpretations alone, so many aspects regulated in such fine details. Am I on Cortes or Pleasantville?

Once I got over myself and looked at the zoning details, annoyance resurfaced. Even though the plan is supposedly for Cortes Island, elements are so obviously boiler plate document from larger communities that to apply them to Cortes is ludicrous.
Some are comical like prohibiting the sale of pot and paraphernalia on the island. As if Cortes is just holding its breath for Bongs at the Bay, the Cortes compassion club, or the Local Patio Dispensary.
Helipads are out; we are stuck with the ferry.
I am surprised they did not regulate drones, Some
people must have applied some real pressure.
However decisive action by the regional district on the tent slum landlords that disfigure the island by providing “residential use of an accessory building or structure that is not a dwelling unit..” (Part 3 7a)
There is even regulations for the number of meals offered by B&B (page 29 i,ii,iii and on and on)
I am looking for humor in these ridiculous intrusions, mandated by legal teams that only thinks in term of the lowest common denominator.
A few of the by-laws are relevant but for the most part I find this bureaucratization of daily life on Cortes Island oppressive and offensive.
This “say your piece” so called participation process in Manson’s on the 5th is just lip service to participatory governance. The regional district representatives will weather the Cortes popular storm and the directors will stay the course.
But by all means go voice your dismay.
Enough of this!!!!
Comment by Jack Wills on 3rd September 2018
I was noticing this micro-management myself.


And did our Regional Director not read this herself?
If she did not read it, shame on her for not paying attention, and stopping it before it got this far.
If she did read it, even worse. This "one size fits all micro-management" has got to stop!

The unique character of Cortes??????

No off street parking.....Oh downtown Manson's will love that!
Elevators????? We need to regulate elevators ( who would have guessed?)
Prohibited: "Keeping ........ of bongs or pipes" Really?

I recall in the not so distant past it was "Cortes, the last bastion of Flower Power"
Appears we are trying to resurrect a part of the Soviet Union.
What say you, Commissar?

When it comes to vote, vote NO on all of this foolishness
Well said
Comment by Tom Bohart on 3rd September 2018
I can't think of anything to add - I still have to read the proposed bylaws, and time is running out. Where was the public discussion?