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General News · 22nd August 2018
Oliver Kellhammer
Hey there sustainable transport advocates:

Now that George Sirk has thrown his hat into the regional director election ring, it would be a great moment to push for some movement on the cross-Quadra shuttle.
Both candidates are great people and obviously highly concerned about the environment. We are lucky they are running! But does George or Noba have a plan for fast-tracking a cross-Quadra bus service that would meet the ferries and get people out of their cars? Whoever does, would definitely get my vote. We need a public transit solution, especially in light of the demise of the Cortes Connection, which, though much loved, faced a difficult business environment.
If we can't make this simple public transit intervention happen now – then when? The entire province is on fire due to anthropogenic climate change and Cortesians are still making five extra planet-killing vehicle trips to get into the ferry lineup the night before they want to leave. A cross-Quadra shuttle would get a lot of people out of their cars and enable them to attend time-critical appointments in a sustainable manner. It would also help people on Quadra get too and from the ferries. This would free up ferry space for those that really need a vehicle and cut carbon emissions substantially.

I will refrain from making any 'let's hold their feet to the fire' jokes, given the current situation, but things have never been more critical in terms of climate change impacts and we really haven't got much to show for our years of creative conversations. So let's support whoever articulates the strongest and most viable policy for sustainable transport and a clear plan for implementation.

yours in solidarity,

Oliver K
Cars get handouts too
Comment by De Clarke on 10th September 2018
Expecting government to provide transportation isn't reasonable? Government subsidies in support of private automobile travel add up to 3 or 4 thousand bucks per year per average car (that's after we subtract gas taxes and licensing fees paid for that car).

Admittedly, quite a few people would have to give up their cars to make the savings in car-subsidies pay for a dedicated cross-Quadra shuttle. All I'm saying is, let's not pretend that private driving is not subsidised. Our tax dollars are paying for our car habit, all the time. And I didn't even add in the big subsidies to the auto industry itself!

Now government (that's all of us!) is also paying increasingly steep costs trying to cope with climate destabilisation, so at some point spending money on getting people out of their cars starts to look good -- and economical. Have we reached that point? Evidently not yet. Maybe soon.
Practical? Don't think so
Comment by Gerri Davis on 9th September 2018
I agree with another "poster" who noted that any Quadra shuttle would not be free and people would still be taking their cars. As we choose to live here with the ferry's inconvenience, we might try to organize an effective community notice of trips to C.R. so that people can carpool when possible. Expecting government to provide transportation isn't reasonable.
giving youth transpo options
Comment by sonya friesen on 24th August 2018
We may not be able to change our personal car addiction habits but presenting real alternative options to youth like transit, carshares, loans for purchasing e-bikes, etc. would help them not pick up our habits. 30 yrs of talking about why its not feasible to run a bus just does't cut it anymore.
blowing in the wind...
Comment by norberto rodriguez on 23rd August 2018
Oliver, you ask: "If we can't make this simple public transit intervention happen now – then when? "

the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind...

For how many years have we tried this? and I dare to say "we" because I tried, and tried, when I lived there... with no success.

It seems we (humans) are still tight to our cars with some kind of umbilical cord. And even now, when we are actually watching many faces of climate change around the world (flooding, draughts, wildfires and more)… we can't give up our dependency on oil and cars. I truly think they will be our demise.

I really wish that Noba or George prove me wrong and make this "dream" come true ! again: If not now, when?

Good luck, and love, to all of you,
Nice dream, I guess.
Comment by Peter Jackel on 23rd August 2018
I am a committed bicyclist, and walker. Walking is usually my mode for visits to Campbell River. I have always been able to find a ride across Quadra with someone on the Cortes ferry. Coming the other way, I have sometimes had to hitchhike, but never had to wait more than half an hour for a ride.
I'm in my 70's now and have watched a lot of people live their lives. My guess is that a bus across Quadra would draw only people who don't own a car. It wouldn't reduce the use of cars. And how would those people get to the Cortes ferry and how would they get around Campbell River (which does not have the greatest transit system)? And most of those people would drop the bus if they found a ride. A bus service with a variable ridership is going to be expensive. My educated opinion is it won't work, just as a bus on Cortes won't work. If it would work it would be running instead of being a dream.
bc ferries/bc transit contract quadra taxi shuttle
Comment by sonya friesen on 22nd August 2018
Thanks Oliver for transportation topics contributing to hot smokey realities as an election focus. Gas tax funds could perhaps purchase the van/shuttle then lease van to Quadra Taxi and operational expenses shared with bc transit contribution to subsidize ride costs and a contract service to bc ferries. Also crossing Demand Island to Hornby Island would be a community interested in the same need for a solution.
Quadra taxi
Comment by Nicola on 22nd August 2018
It already exists. Quadra Taxi.
Cross Quadra Shuttle?
Comment by Paul Ryan on 22nd August 2018
If Cortesians are serious about a cross Quadra shuttle, don't you think it would be worthwhile to talk to Quadra people about this? I will tell you that there is no way this service could exist and make money by just doing this alone. It would have to be included with other routes. The concept of BC Ferries providing this service ain't gonna happen.
There was a bus service on Quadra 20 years ago, and it failed miserably. Maybe you should talk to someone who could incorporate this service into other parts of their business. It ain't gonna be free, either!
Comment by Romina on 22nd August 2018
This is an issue important to me and many islanders. If we want to be home to a small but diverse population, we need to have diverse transportation options. In addition to environmental concerns, not everyone can afford to or has ability to drive yet these folks are still valuable members of the community. I am grateful to see two fantastic candidates throw their hat in the ring, and I look forward to learning more about how we on the island can move forward on this.
Right on, brother!
Comment by Ian Ross on 22nd August 2018
Well said, Oliver. I agree. Both candidates are fine folk and we’re lucky to have this chance to push for a cross-Quadra shuttle, and for all of the reasons you so articulately mentioned. Thanks for doing that.