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General News · 11th August 2018
Marc Provencher
Hi, I'm Marc Provencher and I moved to Cortes Island in January 1997. I fell in love immediately and knew I wanted to live here. It didn't take me long to realize what January is like on Cortes and reality set in. I can't stay!
As soon as I had those thoughts, everything changed. I was offered a place to stay, I found work immediately, and now I had a chance. More and more people helped me and showed me the way and things became easier. Where I come from, when someone does a favor for you, you owe them one in return. In no time I owed 8 to one person, 6 to another, 4 and 4 and. . . . . . I just couldn't keep up and that's when it happened. I realized that I just have to give all the time no matter what because I will never be able to catch up. And so it began.
Over the years, with property, a restaurant, and many other moments in my time here, the island has always helped me and looked out for me. So I keep on giving. Now, in my biggest time of need, I am humbled to have to extend my hand once more and ask for help.

On June 29 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma (Blood Cancer). After lots of tests and biopsies we discovered I have 3 different types; non-hodgkins diffused large B-cell, follicular, and transformed. With treatment that will initially go on into December, the oncologist feels that 2 of the types can be cured, but follicular lymphoma is generally incurable. It is a slow moving cancer and, with continuous treatment, could be held in remission. That battle will be long term.
The amount of love and support from everyone during the start of my journey has been overwhelming, but, unfortunately, I haven't been able to work and the bills keep piling up. This is why I continue ask everyone for help.
I appreciate anything you can give and know that I will keep on giving for the rest of my days.
So much love,
PO Box 232, Manson's Landing, B.C., V0P 1K0