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General News · 30th July 2018
Alma for SCCA
Cortes Day 2018 was, like all years past, a fun-filled event enjoyed by hundreds of members of our community. As a first-time coordinator, the task of putting together this important day was daunting to say the least, but the incredible support I received from all the volunteers made it a smooth and enjoyable process.

Many, many people worked together in order to make this day a success, and I really do appreciate each and every one of you. If your name is not mentioned in the upcoming text, please know that it is nothing more than a failing of my record-keeping, and not a dismissal of your contribution.

First off, I would like to thank Mark, Mary, and Claudia at the hall for all their work behind the scenes, as well as on the actual day. Alongside applying for permits, confirming vendors, and many other important tasks leading up to the day, both Mark and Mary helped with set-up and clean-up, and Mark helped Captain Luc make the Nail, Sail, Bail a success once again.

A big shout out to the set-up crew who woke up early in order to bring tents, tables, and gear down to the site and set it all up: Eli McKenty, Bill Wheeler, Izzy Steigemann, Aaron Ellingsen, Tim, and Christina & Paul. Also thank you to Dave Warkentin for bringing tables and a generator down from the Gorge in preparation.

The amazing Lori-Ann, who has brought so much life to the Cortes Day parade for the last few years, has decided that this year’s parade will be her last. Thank you so much for everything you have done, both this year and in years past. Thanks also to all the parade participants for putting on such a beautiful spectacle this year.

Joe, Toni, and all their wonderful helpers who managed the parking situation again this year: thank you for working in the hot sun to keep things safe and orderly for everyone! Your job is not an easy one, and is so important in order to make the day go well.

Thank you to Andy Vine, who worked hard to bring us a wonderful set of musicians this year, as well as Andrew and Hannu for setting up the gear and doing the sound, Ali for lending up the generator that powered the whole thing, and all those who shared their music with us.

One thing that was a big hit among the young ones this year was the bouncy castle. Big thanks to Carol Thacker for generously lending it to us, as well as Phil Allen for spending the better part of the day monitoring it and making sure no-one got hurt, to Angelica Raaen for relieving him of his duties so he could also enjoy some other aspects of the day, and to Arpad for lending a generator.

In the vein of fun activities for kids, I also must thank Lovena and Ryan Harvey for putting on games for another year in a row. Your enthusiasm and energy is appreciated!

Thank you to Gordon and Charlene Gram for once again organizing the Chicken Poop event, it’s always such a hoot (and a great fundraiser too)!

Food is always a huge part of the day, so I must thank those at the hamburger stand, Myrna Kerr, Jim Kearney, Paul Fournier, and Denise Elo, for keeping us full and happy, as well as Ann Dewar for lending her barbeque. For the pie table, I would like to thank Dayna Davis, Dianne Hansen, Leah Seltzer, Maria Francis, and Norleen Lillico, as well as all others who donated pies and pie ingredients.

One fun activity that made a return this year was the cake walk. Since it has been gone for some years, it was a little more difficult to pull it all together, but thank you to those who stepped up and made a cake in order to support this joyous Playschool fundraiser: Sujon at Toki Bap Café, Esiana Hargrave (with ingredients donated by the CNFC), Jenny Hartwick, Miranda, and Lore. I look forward to seeing this fundraiser continue to grow in coming years.

Finally, I must thank our tear-down team, who volunteered their time to do one of the hardest jobs of all: packing everything up at the end of a long, long day. Matt and Derek, your willing and cheerful help was much appreciated. Thank you also to the superstars who helped with both the set-up and tear-down, making for a super long day: Bill Wheeler, Aaron Ellingsen, Tim, and Paul & Christina.

Once again, this wonderful community day would not have happened without you. Thank you for your support, time, and energy, it certainly made my job as coordinator a whole lot easier.
Thank you Alma!
Comment by Lovena on 31st July 2018
What an inspiration to see the young people in our community giving back in such a huge way! You are clearly an organizing goddess Alma - great job!